October 3rd

Today I came across a post in a Facebook group, because I was tagged in another post a day earlier, and almost fell in love with Michael’s eyes again, if that is even possible, but just saying. His sister Tina had her second book published ‘Michael, my brother, lost boy Of INXS,’ co-written with Jen Jewel Brown, who is a lovely writer by the way and she was interviewed by The Guardian and someone found that interview and linked it. I honestly don’t know if I will ever effectively read the book for more than one reason, but interested enough to read the interview. (if the link is broken search the Guardian for September 25th and Jenny Valentish, who is the journalist who interviewed Tina) To me, it was kind of a heartwrenching read and that is one of the reasons why I am more than hesitant to read it because I know on forehand I will cry for days when I do.  
The fun part of reading that article was that there was a picture in there of him, Tina and his brother Rhett but you see him on profile and I saw it and couldn’t help but smile, I saw my face again. Although he was way more handsome than I was ever beautiful, we look alike … a lot. 

On top of it was a comment from a Facebook-friend who also saw me in real life, so she knows what she is saying … see for yourself. Her reaction is in  Dutch  and says: ‘Ehhh, jouw ogen schat,’ which translates to English saying “Ehhh, your eyes sweetheart.” (You can type it in Google translator and see for your self if you wish). My reaction was “I know!”