Love Flow In Motion

Lifepages. being your age is for me a while ago, whatever life will bring you, you don’t know, sometimes you have a heavenly day and afterwards there’s maybe hell to pay, life can be a bumpy road to ride, but whatever happens never give up the stride, walk the road you think is best, no matter what, just think f*ck the rest, you know what to do and how to do it, being who you are is living a free spirit, living a life without any boundary, will put you up with a lot of jealousy, like i said already just skip the rest, just keep on doing what you think is best, you came in like a lovely cosmic surprise Continue reading


Sometimes you just wish time could stand still. When our feelings play tricks with our own free will. But time is passing and flying swiftly by, And the only thing we can do is asking why. Why we do what we do and what we really want to do, And where this whole lifetime thing is leading us to. Why there have to be boundaries in everything we do, And why we just can’t act on what we really feel too. What if we die and ask ourselves what we still left behind. What we deeply wished for ourselves but only kept in mind. It would be so much easier if all would be well and done so far, Continue reading

Where Are The People?

Where are the people we search for deep inside? Where are the ones with their eyes open wide? The ones who really want to see what we are created for. The ones we already looked for but weren’t there before. The ones who make an impact on our lives instantly. The ones there to be and cross our life-paths frequently. Where are the ones we met in past lifetimes? Where we fought with, loves with and committed crimes? The ones we still miss and make us totally homesick. The ones who freely correct us with a hard free kick. The ones who say “Come on keep on doing what you do. Continue reading

Poetry for Joe

Shine: Sometimes you meet a pal for a lifetime and suddenly your inner sun does shine. You feel it in your inner core, that’s the reason your living for, to feel those feelings in your heart like you never ever wanna be apart. To meet someone like that is seldom and so much more than welcome. See: Wherever you go on Mother Earth and to whatever you’re giving birth. My heart will always be with you in case you’ll ask I’ll say ‘I do.’ The first minute I felt a touch from an angel with loving wings as such a wonder walked into my being, and you were what I was seeing. Continue reading


With a sword in your hand, That’s how you stand In the corner of my mind, Looking over behind. My vision on the past. Coming together at last. To fight with one another. To hold on to each other. To give up the fight. To talk through the night. To see the light coming. The light in your eyes. The history within’ endlessly giving and coming on until the fight is gone. The fight in me … (end) Continue reading
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