Understand the different stages of involution and use the knowledge to improve the perception of your own self and your journey toward self-mastery. Involution is the process through which the heart, mind, and soul evolve to achieve a higher level of consciousness. Like many other things in life, involution also takes place in a variety of interconnected stages. In this article, we will discuss the seven different elements associated with involution and living authentic, intelligent, and whole lives. We are all subject to these elements to varying degrees, whether or not we are trying to achieve involution. The key is to understand all of these elements and determine your growth in each of them Continue reading

Color Psychology

Color surrounds us physically and psychologically every minute of the day, impacting our lives in so many ways, although we are largely unaware of the impact it has on us. So are you open to discovering the benefits of a conscious use of color psychology in your life? Then take the plunge and delve into my world of color: it is pervasive; it enriches our emotions, our relationships and our lives. Take your time to discover how this knowledge can empower and enrich your own life giving you self-confidence and self-understanding that will inspire you to reach your highest potential. Once you delve into the magical world of color you will become excited about how it can affect your whole life. Continue reading

Om Namah Shivaya

Prakriti (or Prakrti) refers to a primal creative or natural force. It connotes the natural or original intended state of something or of an individual's being. The term is derived from the Sanskrit pra, meaning 'beginning, and kriti, meaning 'creation.' In life it's all about awakening the energy of 'Mother Nature' (Prakriti) to achieve balance and awakening one's primal power and reach a more natural state of being. Prakriti is composed of three elements (Gunas): Creation (Rajas), Preservation (Sattva), Destruction (Tamas). The three gunas give movement to the force of prakriti in the world, allowing modification and change to that which is primal and original in nature. Continue reading

The Earth Lost A Great Person Today

Joe Lawlor has gone home today. You never realize what you may feel when someone you once knew and held dear got lost in the tides and tumult of the world to die in a car-crash at the age of 43, in the early hours of Sunday July 8, 2018. To be honest I was totally devastated. And for me it is always best to pay someone the utmost respect by talking about him, being honest! I met Joe in 1999 an Irish bloke downtown my hometown. My friend Meg and I decided to swing around some cafes and landed in the Peperklip in the Peperstraat. We entered the building and to my surprise we were the only ones, well we and 'someone' behind the bar. We sat down lit a cigarette and decided what we should drink, when I heard a beautiful voice Continue reading

What A Joke

Reincarnation and Karma are fabrics of the Cabal to keep us sheepish and within the Matrix, is the next New Age created nonsense a la carte! That is something ridiculously new compared to Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Jainism. Belief-systems that already exist for roughly 2500 years and counting. That aside ... really? Do they really think that we are entangled in some kinda chewing-gum-like membrane in which we are entrapped to play the same story board over and over again? Ever heard about indoctrination from mass media and mass hysteria? THE Matrix simply doesn't exist and is a fabric from the Hollywood catacombs to keep you entrapped since 1999 already, Continue reading

Shroud of Turin

Before going into the Shroud of Turin, it is wise to mention The Veil of Veronica also known as Veronica's Handkerchief. The 'story' that goes with it is as follows: The Veil of Veronica, or Sudarium (Latin for sweat-cloth), often called simply "The Veronica" and known in Italian as the Volto Santo or Holy Face is a relic of a piece of cloth which, according to tradition, bears the likeness of the face of Jesus not made by human hand but more alike as by magic or the super natural when Saint Veronica from Jerusalem encountered Jesus along the Via Dolorosa on the way to Calvary and when she paused to wipe the blood and sweat off his face with her veil, his image was imprinted on the cloth. Continue reading

Galactic Twin of our Sun and Milky Way

Did our sun have a twin when it was born 4.5 billion years ago? Almost certainly yes — though not an identical twin. And so did every other sunlike star in the universe, according to a new analysis by a theoretical physicist from UC Berkeley and a radio astronomer from the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory at Harvard University. Many stars have companions, including our nearest neighbor, Alpha Centauri, a triplet system. Astronomers have long sought an explanation. Are binary and triplet star systems born that way? Did one star capture another? Do binary stars sometimes split up and become single stars? Astronomers have even searched for a companion to our sun, Continue reading

Kissing Double Stars

Cosmic Love Among The Stars. At 160,000 light-years away from the earth, two heavy, bright stars are vigorously kissing each other. In fact, they are already well on their way to merge with each other. And yes, they get it pretty hot. How it will end with the kissing couple is not yet clear, but there is certainly an explosive relationship. Never before have such heavy, hot stars been seen in such an intense embrace. Astronomers want to better understand the life-course of giant stars, because they are of great importance for the evolution of the Milky Way galaxy - so the majority of all oxygen atoms in the universe are produced in this kind of stars. Continue reading

Through DNA to Divine Alignment

About Genes and DNA. Since the last decade a lot of scientific evidence surfaces which concludes that the female DNA is in fact influenced by the DNA of every male she has unprotected sexual intercourse with. That I already discovered in 2008 and everyone thought I was ready for a bedlam. Well not so crazy after all so it seems. Here is the article I wrote in June of 2008 in Dutch, now translated to English with PDF’s as attached references.12-Strand DNA … maybe some or one of you have already heard about it. The youngsters of the human race are born with it and we, grownups, are able to activate it within ourselves. Seeing that we can activate it means at the same time that it already lays dormant Continue reading

I AM Life

I AM THAT I AM and for you I am the one that I've become. I come from afar but when I look you in the eye I see myself, all parts that I want to love and Wisdom is my name. I AM Courageous, Brave and with an Intense Power I went through my deepest fears to reach the most Silent of Silences deep inside of me and Holy is my name. I AM the one that loves Mother Earth and I am aware of her unconditional Love, I cherish her beauty and changing garments, endeared by her absolute Faith, her abundant gifts and Healing Powers and Simplicity is my name. I AM the Phoenix, who rises from her ashes time and time again. Who’s been through death so many times to see who I really am Continue reading

Rumi & Hafez

Short biographies of two mystics Rumi and Hafez (and Mani of course who lived in the 3rd century) poets, writers and philosophers, who both centered their life's work around two very important subjects: The Beloved and Divine Love and named it both by the name it deserved. Mani named it his Twin, his Double, his Divine Self. These men were so certain about things a lot of people struggle with in modern times. We may be grateful for the lore of the written and spoken word. History at its best. Short biographies of two mystics Rumi and Hafez (and Mani of course who lived in the 3rd century) poets, writers and philosophers, who both centered their life's work around two very important subjects: Continue reading

How Soulmates Attract in 25 secs.

Video based on quantum physics. The colored balls are put together by the resonance of quartz crystals. Every color has a different resonance. In the same way we will be grouped by people who are on the same frequency. That's how the universe works. That's how soulmates attract, that's how 'we know where to go when we land in Heaven after each incarnation.' The Law of Attraction; We simply feel where we belong, we know our true colours, at least most of us. Those who can't seemed to find the way won't be led astray, don't worry, because there will be guidance along the way, also on the 'stairway' to Heaven. Continue reading

Dangerous Misinformation

Since approximately 2012 the hype around Ascension spread around like wildfire. All of a sudden people started experiencing 'Ascension-symptoms.' Grounded and down to Earth as I am I honestly thought 'Really?' Are people that easy to deceive? And yes they are. A lot of people 'earned' big bucks already for all sorts of bogus and non-functional information they offered in this and that course and this and that work-shop. I on the other hand, didn't feel a thing and more people with me. I once said to my soul-sister 'I guess there is something wrong with me because I don't feel anything all these people are talking about.' And she laughed genuinely out loud and said Continue reading

Da Vinci on Celestial Twins

Da Vinci on Celestial Twins - From the moment I ever heard about and came across works of Da Vinci his name intrigued me, which isn't so strange after all because I have actually known him, that is to say I interacted with him, he made a painting of me once ... in 1498, but that is actually beside the point in this writing. This writing is in fact about a subject with a big question mark. I never totally understood what I see in these drawings, as in 'Did he mean what I think he meant with it?' (the right one is enlargeable) As you can imagine it oozes 'Essential Twins' all over it to me, but that is because that is where I am from, what I do, what my missions is, bring awareness on that subject. Continue reading

Being Obsessed Over

Being Obsessed Over - Last April I had a very scary situation at hand. I understand now why I had to experience this but nonetheless it creep'd me ultimately out. During my professional job I befriended a woman, DJ, and for some odd reason it clicked and felt familiar as well. It is not that my gut-feeling deceived me because a part of this person was absolutely way okay. We had great laughs and for the oddest of reasons we had so much in common she almost seemed a long lost twin-sister of some sorts. Thinking it all over when disaster struck, I seriously doubt it all because I think she made it all up to 'connect' with me in her twisted way. Trusting people is one thing, being naive about them is downright stupid Continue reading

Wish You A Plentiful Harvest

Originally Pentecost has a total different meaning compared to what the Christians eventually made of it. The original name is Shavuot and was all about 'The First Fruits of God's Harvest.' Sharing a part of your autumn-wheat harvest 'with the poor and the stranger' and offer some of it in the temple, fifty days after Passover. As described in Leviticus 23:10-22 there is also a lot of ritualism to it of course. As I don't have anything with organized religion, with all due respect, I still feel the significance of this feast, because it is ancient and it makes sense that you share some of your harvest with guests and the poor. Plus bringing in a plentiful harvest still is, in whatever form, a reason for celebration after all. Continue reading

The Judean Woman

The Judean Woman - Judea, formerly a province of Israel now only a piece of desert, neighboring the Dead Sea, still carries her name. Judea the once Mighty Piece of Land harboring cities like Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Bethany, Hebron and Jericho among others. Cities with rich histories dating back to 10 centuries B.C. and beside that a truly beautiful piece of land. That much is there to say about Judea in this writing. What we will talk about is one specific city/village in this area of Palestine … No not about Joshua nor the song in which he fit the battle of Jericho, but real memories, my memories. In another writing I already embarked on memories about Continue reading

The High Priestess, The Stone Circle and The Temple

The High Priestess, The Stone Circle and The Temple - A Stone Circle is a monument of stones arranged in a circle or ellipse. Such monuments have been constructed in many parts of the world throughout history for many different reasons among for astronomical use, think about the different solstices and eclipses throughout the year. Another use, which we see mainly in Scandinavia and The Netherlands, is these being mortuary monuments, dolmens, to the dead. The eldest and well-kept Stone Circle is the Atlit Yam in Israel, dated 7000 B.C.E.. It is a painstaking work to name all the Stone Circles worldwide, but just to give you an idea of places in which you can find one or more in the United Kingdom alone: Continue reading

Carahunge ★ Armenia

Zorats Karer also called Karahunj, Qarahunj or Carahunge and Carenish is a prehistoric archaeological site near the town of Sisian in the Syunik Province of Armenia. It is also often referred to in international tourist lore as the Armenian Stonehenge. The Carahunge site is on latitude of 39° 34' and longitude of 46° 01' on the mountain plateau having altitude 1770 m and occupies a territory of about 7 hectare on the left side of the Dar river canyon, the tributary of the river Vorotan (at 2 km). It is located on a rocky promontory near Sisian. Armenian historian Stepanos Orbelian mentions in his book 'History of Syunic' (I-XII centuries) that in the Tsluk region of Armenia, Continue reading

Cosmic Summer Triangle

The Lyra Meteorite Swarm - Be prepared … our DNA Memory will be activated under the influence of the Triangular Summer Meteorite swarm. The Summer Triangle, Alpha, Vega and Lyrae, is situated in the Milky Way and is a part of the Lyra constellation, Deneb of the star-sign Swan and Altair of the star-sign Eagle. Because of the Summer Triangle’s importance in the nowadays transformation process to Divine Self-remembrance, it is also referred to as The Celestial Trinity. The Alpha/Lyra/Vega Trinity is a link between the Cosmos and the Earth. The Alpha/Lyra Constellation was of great importance in the creation-process of the Cheops Pyramid, according to the Egyptian Pyramid Scripts. Continue reading