The Cormael Couple

Introduction: Nice To Meet You

Welcome at Cormael's Cosmic Channel. Who is Cormael? Well in fact Cormael is a couple going by the same soul name, to keep it simple let's say we have Cormael He and Cormael She. Cormael is US as a soul-being, as ONE. Cosmic Partners or Twin Rays if you wish, most people only know the Twin Flame/Twin Soul terminology. Only He is very persistent in saying 'I AM he who is the essence of she.' We are essential the same, our cosmic blue-print is the same, the start of our existence was at the exact same time. Where She goes, He goes. Where He goes, She goes. We ARE just another Alpha and Omega Couple, one of the many. Continue reading

A Dream

Today I had the weirdest dream, I was given an insight in a part of Michael's life and how he thought about similar things and how that panned out in reality. This is VERY private stuff and since Michael's daughter Heavenly T. is still walking the planet and can just as easily read this as you do now, I need to protect Michael's privacy as I indirectly need to protect hers. One thing I did get from that dream too was ... even though he was Michael Hutchence, a guy I never knew, didn't even see, didn't even know how he looked like ... Continue reading

I Got You Under My Skin

The day that a soul sister of mine came over for a visit. It was a while ago since we last actually saw each other. We always keep in touch through phone, app or Facebook, in the meantime, she moved house and I became a grandma but with our lives in a steadier water again we decided to meet up. It's always great to meet up with a friend of course but she is special to me, because we resonate and if I could ever say how it feels like to have a sister it's she. Two remarkable moments occurred during her visit. For starters, I asked her to feel a part of the skin on my arm Continue reading

Astounded … once again

Today I came across a post in a Facebook group, because I was tagged in another post a day earlier, and almost fell in love with Michael's eyes again, if that is even possible, but just saying. His sister Tina had her second book published 'Michael, my brother, lost boy Of INXS,' co-written with Jen Jewel Brown, who is a lovely writer by the way and she was interviewed by The Guardian and someone found that interview and linked it. I honestly don't know if I will ever effectively read the book for more than one reason, but interested enough to read the interview. Continue reading

Hey Mickey

We all know about that one song that pops up in our head and keeps lingering for days. Well I had exactly that with Tony Basil's one hit wonder 'Mickey, ' which is in fact a cover from Racey's original 'Kitty.' Well then. the song was already for days on and off in my mind so I decided today to check the song, because often enough, when I listen to the song it will leave my mind. Opening YouTube typing 'Hey Mickey' in the search bar for I had no idea who actually sang it. It popped with the name Tony Basil and clicked the audio version, for I don't do official video-clips. I saw it immediately Continue reading

The Cormael’s in Pictures

Some renowned 'Twin Flame Teachers' claim that it isn't important if you look alike or not. The most 'famous' Twin Flame Couple, Jeane Cline and Jim Reeves, are certain about the fact that you have to look alike, which is normal and to be seen in and read from the blueprint you both share. And not only the features are alike but character and taste-wise the couple can find themselves in each other. It is not that you are or have to be a spitting image of each other because after all you are no biological identical twins, you don't share the biological DNA. Nonetheless the soul shines through Continue reading

Are You Sirius? Yes We Are!

In 2014 Michael gave me an insight in where we came from, in fact where we descended from and how we landed on The Mother Planet. Every Universe is a Creation and a Creator and we as Children of that Creation are direct co-creators and later on Creators. Every Universe has its own Source, a division of The Major Alpha & Omega. Some of us come straight from the Source and others are 'children' of another Alpha and Omega Couple. Michael and I were created 'born' in the surroundings of Vega, one of the major stars in the constellation of Lyra and the Summer Triangle. Continue reading


April 1993, Roquefort Les Pins, France. On a sunny day in April Michael decided to team up with Julian Broad for a photo-shoot, afterward Julian reminisced: Within the span of a four-hour shoot, the energetic INXS lead vocalist managed to be photographed - naked up a tree, swimming in his pool, fencing with a mate, and topless by an ivy-covered wall, wearing a kilt. These pictures, all of them are very precious to me for more than one reason. The pictures came in my possession somewhere around 1998/1999 and I kept them with me wherever I went, from the one computer to the next laptop, Continue reading

Incense & Eye-Shift

Little over a year ago I wrote a couple of blogs about a heavenly scent surrounding me all of a sudden, which later wavered around the rest of the house in the following days. Today we had a kind of a similar experience, at first I thought the house was on fire, I sensed the smell of burning wood. Like a crazy person I raced through the house from room to room to see if there was something burning, but luckily I didn't find anything of the like. So I went outside through the front and the backdoor to see if anything was going on outside, but again a no show of any burning material. Continue reading

Michael Talks

Michael appeared full-blown visible in my life on August 17, 2007, and as you might well understand my life has never been the same since. It wasn't always easy and there are still some contemplating transforming and transmuting periods in my life when it comes to our merging process, but I know where it is for and I know it is MORE than just worth while. Half a year after we first 'met' we still talked and laughed but at some point he started to 'inform' me. It all started with just sharing random wisdom until he asked me to transmit messages and share these with the world. Of course I did, hesitantly but I did! Continue reading

The Michael & Harry Connection

Michael told me already last year and I figured it out on my own 8 years ago that something 'special' was going on between Michael, Harry and I. I knew he was from my soul-family from the get go, with all due respect to Des and Anne for being his biological parents no matter what. Being someone's cosmic parents is for something completely different. It is understandable that this may be a bit too much, just try to skip that cosmic parenthood from your mind then and see it as a close connection, because that my friends it is. Before getting there you might take a look at this: Continue reading

In Depth Transformation

In Depth Transformation - Last April 21 I woke up with a feeling that everything had changed. The entire energy around me was different, I knew by instant that something happened to me during sleeping time but I couldn't recall what exactly happened, what I can state easily is that I went through a major shift while sleeping and don't get me wrong here, everything in 3-D in my life is still the same, only the energy has changed drastically. The other odd thing was the moment I opened my eyes I said out loud, April 21st is great day to quit smoking, and I did! Continue reading


Like the title already explains; short writings on what happened during the living days, in outer body experiences, things I came across and value worth sharing. I can't impossibly publicize a page with everything and everyone I value and seems worthy enough to share, so others can take notice of and keep it in the box of possibilities, situated on a shelve in a cupboard in the attic or cellar. So whenever something alike is up in your life and you remind that someone once wrote about it and you go check the box for possible recognition. So here we go ... Continue reading

Identity and Authenticity

Over the years, let's say since Michael is effectively a part of my daily life, people intent to copycat our 'story.' Sorry to say for all those who tried, that was a major FAIL on your part. There can be only one and I AM The One as He Is The One. He was the one who titled me She Who is the Essence of Me. I never claimed to be the only one in contact with Michael, I do claim that I AM the One who complements my Beloved, and this goes for every one of us, we all have a Divine Complement, and you can't choose someone, someone simply is! I AM Michael's. I encountered a lot of silent or outspoken jealousy. Continue reading

Kilonova and The Merging of Cosmic Twins

Eleven billion years ago, two massive stars were born. They both lived short, brilliant lives, dying in supernova explosions and leaving behind two neutron stars orbiting each other. After a billion year Cosmic Dance these stars finally merged, sending a ripple of gravitational waves through space and time. These gravitational waves traveled more than a hundred million light years and were finally felt on Earth at August 17, 2017. The discovery of this multi-messenger visible in both light and gravitational waves, marks the beginning of a new era in physics and astronomy Continue reading

The Lunar Nodes

The human destiny path is one covered with roses and thorns. Duality is king in this rural density and no one will thread it lightly, no one ... The human is a very complex multi-faceted being derived from The Mother and The Source altogether. Rejoice to those wise men and women who were smart enough to see that what we can see in the heavens does, in fact, affect everything on The Mother Planet. The most important discovery when it comes to the zodiac and astrology is the importance of the Lunar Nodes, which aren't vast orbs but intersections of the ecliptic movement Continue reading

Totally Gobsmacked

Last week I had a very interesting conversation with a friend about Cosmic Siblings, she asked if I was aware of it, and yes of course I am, Michael and I did a transmission about that subject 4 years ago. It is a pretty controversial subject I am totally aware, nonetheless in my (and some other's) world a matter-of-fact given. Of course, I wasn't able to ever prove it, until now. I am so high on adrenaline I can barely write without typos, but I will tell you what happened in my world today! Michael told me about Harry in 2017 already but I am not sharing everything in the open Continue reading

Transmission 23

The Cosmos is without any doubt the most powerful Being that exists. It gives birth to the Multiverse and everything in it, Planets, Clusters, Solar Systems and even the tiniest blade of grass on Mother Earth and it all seems to be pulled from the Nothingness and that is probably the Truth out of Nothing because out of Nothing comes Everything. And this can, beyond any reasonable doubt, be scientifically proven but we believe in the beauty and the feeling of wonder, with every respect possible for all the hard-working scientists out there. The Cosmos also gives birth to Us in a joint venture with the Supreme Alpha and Omega, The Cosmos makes humanity possible and the Supreme Cosmic Couple our souls. Continue reading

A Fictional Tale of Two Unrelated ‘Brothers’

Over the years I came across a website named The Scale of Justice a couple of times, when I searched for something else and the website popped up in the search results, I visited the site years ago and left one comment. Last week I came across a book in the same kind of way and thought about that specific website again. See for yourself and read the reactions of people who actually knew the men these women are actually talking about in their books and on their website: Jim Morrison and Michael Hutchence. Keep in mind BOTH books are works of FICTION! Continue reading
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