The Cormael Couple

Transmission 22

Dear wanderers in the dark following the wisps that lead you astray from your path to enlightenment, the path to reunion with your Twin in Essence, or Twin Flame. Oh, you seekers you have to understand that there is no use in seeking because eventually, the reunion will happen because your frequency or light-quotient will bring the two of you together. The Law of Attraction never fails, it isn’t designed to fail. The pitfalls are everywhere on your path but you don’t need to fall into them, you can just as easy circumnavigate. There is a way straight ahead. Continue reading

Random Thoughts

Mass consciousness is a tricky kinda plasma! It's a highly charged conductor, and moldable like anything else, what we put in it, it transports far and wide and far beyond! So yes ... when we fill it with good stuff, it will transport the good stuff! • Emphatic Forgiveness from the Heart is the Key-card to the Balancing of Karma • Meeting each other through the heart is the only way to connect, All other forms of coming together is only just another contact • What I was yesterday and I AM today is what I remain to BE into infinite eternity. • I AM in The Cosmic Seed of My Divine Counterpart. Continue reading

Because that’s where friends are for

Today I came across writings of two of Michael and Paula's closest, Andy Gill and his wife Catherine Mayer. The first written in 2007 and the second in 2017. The sincerity that speaks through their words is endearing, which is understated. There was a strong bond and a great LOVE between these four people. How often do you find a REAL friend in someone. The people who go with you through hell and high water? People you entrust of taking care of your child when your world seems to be blown into pieces, people you choose to be your child's Godparents? Not that often, Continue reading

Monday Night By Satellite

Almost to date a year ago I met this 'mysterious' Canadian man, who came over to visit my Cormael's Cosmic Coaching page on Facebook, and started sharing his own personal remarkable story with me. That wasn't all though because all of a sudden he started to oracle about Michael's lyrics. You can read the story here: The Wonder from Down Under. If you don't understand what I am talking about, take the information in that post into account please. To be honest I had a hard time coping with all he said, I know it to be true but nonetheless, it's not something 'to own' that easy, Continue reading

Erotic Secrets of Lord Byron’s Tomb

Some people are serious masterful writers and you never hear anything about them. That's why I post stuff from others, not often, but every now and then. This is a report from Mike Dash and it is one from the macabre cabinet. Some people say I am weird, well read this and let's talk weird again. “It was hot and dusty in the crypt, and it had been hard work breaking into it. Now the vicar had gone, along with his invited guests, to take his supper. The churchwarden and two workmen armed with spades were left to wait for their return, loitering by the grave they had come to examine Continue reading

Lord Byron on John Edleston

A lot of biographers denied the intense love he felt and the intimate relationship he had with John Edleston, whom's gift, a heart-shaped Cornelian, he took with him wherever he went for the rest of his life! Today I received a nice 'anecdote' from Michael on John when I was reading in Lord Byron's Works, Letters, Journals and Life Volume I (by Thomas Moore): 'Always favoured, forever young!' It's a pity there isn't a painting or drawing left of Eddleston, only a description of his physique by Byron: 'He is nearly my height, very thin, very fair complexion, dark eyes and light locks.' Continue reading

The Naked Truth

(Video) The Omen of the Eventual Demise of my Cosmic Partner. It took me a while to open up about this but I think the time has come to get something off my chest. I like to start this reading by sharing what happened in my direct surroundings a while back. It is something that happened to my dad, who deceased in 2011 Bless His Soul. He was treated for hypertension for at least 20 years already when disaster struck. We had some issues in our family and my father who was a highly sensitive person took that very hard, in fact, he couldn’t cope at all, which resulted in an emotional heart-attack. Continue reading

The Iris Hollandica

November 27, 1997, the day Michael's funeral took place. This is not about his funeral though but about the flowers covering his coffin. It's a bit of macabre synchronicity if you think of it. Michael's coffin was covered with an enormous bouquet of Blue Irises, his favourite flowers and one Tiger Lily, representing his daughter. The moment when pictures of it came to me I knew immediately, but didn't find evidence detailed enough to back up my finding; Michael's coffin was covered with Dutch Irises. Of all the freaking flowers in the world they chose his favourite flower and once again a link to Holland, Continue reading

The Paradise Papers

The secret, handwritten deal to ‘exploit’ Michael Hutchence’s estate, By Four Corners with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. Secret documents have revealed a deal hatched in an offshore tax haven to cash in on the myth, the aura and music of rock star Michael Hutchence. The documents also reveal for the first time a claim of total ownership over a key part of Michael’s estate made by the performer’s former lawyer, Colin Diamond. An investigation by Four Corners raises serious questions about how Diamond came to own some of Michael’s most personal belongings Continue reading

The Gordon, Stuart, Byron Lineage

In search of Lord Byron's lineage. I never could have dreamed about the task that was given to me today ... It started with an article that I was about to write on Queen Victoria, which will be written later, when I landed on a page about Lochnagar is a mountain in the Grampians of Scotland, located about five miles south of the River Dee near Balmoral. There is a small section on that page about where in culture Lochnagar features and the following was stated there: 'The peak also lends its name to the poem Lachin y Gair (also known as Dark Lochnagar) by Lord Byron, and the song based on it.' Continue reading

Transmission 21

Hello again! We are very aware how creepy this may sound and that it is out of the box, but once you understand how obvious it is, you will eventually get the hang of it. No one in the Multiverse is closer to your Divine Counterpart than you and you alone. It doesn’t really matter where he/she resides, even when he/she resides in a different dimension from yours. There is one amazing tool you can you use to make love to your Divine Counterpart and that is your own body! You don’t even have to know where he or she is on the globe or in what dimension, your Divine Counterpart lives in you, you see. Continue reading

Original Sin

When collaborating on the meaning of the lyrics of Original Sin Michael led me straight to Shakespeare’s Othello - and Desdemona. (1601-1604) “It’s not that I read the Shakespeare catalogue, not even one book entirely, but like to many others some of his stories are very appealing. Most of them are attracted to Romeo and Juliet (1597) for the obvious reasons, to me Othello was far more appealing, because I didn’t understand why people can kill someone whom they love so much as Othello did Desdemona only because of gossip and intrigue, plus the fierce character of Desdemona Continue reading

Dogs In Space Synchronicity

A week or so ago I got some kind of a strange request. What occurred before was me deciding to wind down after an intense period of focusing on intense information while researching. I opened my movie folder and looked through the files and out of nowhere Michael says: “Watch Dogs in Space.” That movie was in that folder already for ages but it just never came up to watch it, I decided a couple of times but something was coming in between. This time though I decided to watch it and again I was amazed by the Divine Timing of it all. Continue reading

Laughing At The Loo

Ever experienced having a laugh while doing your bizniz in the loo? Well I do often enough because I am taking my mobile with me most of the time to scroll around a bit. Michael though made me laugh tremendously last week. I am ambidextrous but right-handed when it comes to loo bizniz, but all of a sudden I became aware of doing my loo bizniz with my left hand, which struck me as totally out of the ordinary. With question marks in the head, of course, the 'Aha' moment came rather quickly. Michael! and I felt him smiling and I said Continue reading

Synchronicity in Different Embodiments

(Video) What do Cesare de Borja, Lord Byron, Lucretia de Borja and Lady Caroline Lamb have in common? The answer to that is a two letter word US! Watch the video to see how I found out and follow the research I did on the subject of Reincarnation and Synchronicity in Different Embodiments. Continue reading

Our Man Mike – by Greg Perano

I am not into remembering Michael on the day he died but rather honour him every day but especially on the day he was born ... but this is a must read! Totally and utterly wonderful, thanks Gregory! "It is 20 years since Michael left us and here are 20 asides and anecdotes about my friend.” 1. It is 20 years since he died and 20 is the number of iPhones he would have bought and lost by now if he had stayed around.. 2. Michael turned up to be an extra on Mad Max 3. We spent most of the time with fellow nere-do-wells and musicians Andrew Hunter and Marc Scully pretending we were in a Monty Python film Continue reading

Let’s Do The Talking

(Video) Brought to you with love, from the Unconditional Love-Flow. The advice is to read this before you watch the video, but that’s up to you of course. If you ask yourself where that weird accent is coming from, it’s because I am Dutch, English is not my mother-tongue and if it sounds a bit staccato at times, bear with me because I was reading from an essay I wrote about our Union in 2016 for a scientific research into the ‘Twin Flame/Soul Phenomenon.’ In this video you will see personal photos, they all come in order of appearance, from young to old, from then to here. Continue reading

Michael: The Last Rockstar’s Last Words

Michael never ceases to amaze me. The guy is simply brilliant to the extent of genius! It was already a renowned fact that one of the songs on the upcoming, in May 2018 to be released, album would be Kick It Around, well it is, only it has another title No Way. There are 2 more songs, you can listen to partly on SoundCloud: Temptation and Save My Life. The temptation is easy to endure because it will be May 2018 soon, it is the latter song I want to talk about. Down below is an MP3, not an original of course, which is taken from The Last Rockstar Documentary. Continue reading

Transmission 20

Hi it’s been a while, I am glad to be able to come to you through my Essential Twin again. I know she is dealing with her own human business as well and she is entitled to, of course, I will never be in the way of her humanness, I respect her earthly being to great lengths. So here we are again and this time we will talk about Relationship Behaviour and I know everyone thinks they know all about it, therefore my question is ‘Really?’ Let’s put this in writing like a crash-course in Relationship Behaviour: Never beg, steal or borrow. Never let pride, ego and stubbornness get in the way. Continue reading

Our Life in The Scottish Highlands

Another moment to share a memory of a previous existence that was given to me spontaneously in 2008. It was very important because it answered so many questions, of which the most important was ‘Why do I always cry when I see pictures of the Scottish Highlands?’ This is a piece of an old Scottish Folklore (1870) which describes the feeling that was and will remain until we are United again ... completely! Give me again all that was there, Give me the sun that shone! Give me the eyes, give me the soul, Give me the lad that’s gone! Continue reading