The Cormael Couple

Cindy reading Michael

Something wonderful and odd at the same time happened a couple of weeks ago. My daughter had a friend when she was younger and that friend is now a photo-reader, you can call her a psychic but she prefers photo-reader. Well on her professional Facebook she called for people to send in pictures and she would pick one to read and write to in a letter because some automatic writing often comes through. So I put in a comment, “I guess I can’t attend because you know me for a long time already” but she said that it didn’t make a difference because I know people she doesn’t Continue reading

Inflaming vs. Merging

I was 28 years of age when I met Junior, well in fact when Junior met me, because he SAW me way before I SAW him. Take it from me that I was in love and or captivated several times before our paths crossed, but this man came in with a BANG! The first time he ever held me in his arms felt like a match made in heaven on the way home-bound. The first things he ever asked me before even knowing my name or anything else about me were: 'Will you come to visit me in Amsterdam?' and because I answered with a 'No' he asked 'Will you come with me to Berlin?' Continue reading

Another Michael Biopic

For me there is always something to write about, I seldom write because I need to get something off my chest and this time around I have to. I waited a while till the steam coming from my ears settled. Often enough I hear people talk and/or make statements and I ask myself 'Who are you kidding?' I am not going to shower names of film/documentary producers, who are not mentioned already in the 'news,' down on paper because that is besides the point of that what triggers me ... people making money on Michael's behalf! Really unheard-of and hurtful actually! Continue reading

Miracles Out Of Nowhere

A week ago something terrible happened. An American soul-sister of mine called me August 24th at approx. 11:45 p.m. my time, with a time difference of 5 hours at hers it was 6:45 p.m. and she was totally frantic crying. She said to me her son hadn't come home for at least 3 days already and she was almost sure he relapsed again, because he is a former heroin addict, but to me, it didn't feel that way at all for he simply had no reason at all to relapse. Nonetheless, I believed her because she lived it and knew what she was talking about. We talked for 10 minutes until she calmed down and chatted a bit afterwards, Continue reading

Cosmic Counterpart

There has been some confusion about the term Cosmic Counterpart. Some people ask me, "When I Google that term I can't seem to find it anywhere." Just for clarification; Michael is the one who named this Union Cosmic Partnership, the two forming the reunion are the Cosmic Counterparts. To be complete on this, he named it Divine Cosmic Counterparts. Other people use Twin Flame, after he clarified what that really means, it seemed to be a term from the New Age Movement. When we are sticking to the New Age terminology Cosmic Counterparts are equal to what is described by Twin Ray. Continue reading

Letter for Tiger from Her Aunt Tina

The probable question that pops up while reading this post is "What gives you the right to post this letter?" Okay, fair question, the fair answer to that is in Tina's own words: "The British news (Mirror - Daily Mail) has once again taken a simple letter which an Australian 'news' organization agreed to publish without any changes & have added their sensationalism. It was a mean thing to do. So here is the actual letter: ..." So you see that gives me the right to post this letter, which is originally posted in a Facebook Group named A Statue For Michael Hutchence, so if Tiger will ever be able to read this letter, Continue reading

Never Tear Us Apart

There is a lot of symbolism and deep knowledge in Never Tear Us Apart. It’s an anthem and precious to a lot of people, and the same lot of people ask themselves, where is this lyric actually about. Michael asked me back in February 2017 to ‘unravel’ the deeper meaning of the song. I hesitated for 5 months until I could actually bring myself to it. The lyrics are a premonition of some sort, talking about days to come after his passing. Instead of describing the song as a whole we will go through the lyrics verse by verse. "Don't ask me, what you know is true. Don't have to tell you I love your precious heart." Continue reading

Hear That Sound

If it resonates with you embrace it, if it doesn't release it. - Michael - June 28, 2013 - This song has a dual meaning. Michael explains that on the one hand it is a message to humanity to stick to your guns and fight for your right to be free no matter what it takes, to listen to your inner voice and keep asking yourself what feels right for you, what is nourishing you. And if something in your life feels imbalanced, give the best of your abilities to regain balance. Because if you don't have balance in your inner world you will never be able to find balance in the outer world. Like Ghandi said Continue reading

Nothing But The Truth

Yesterday a friend of mine send me the URL of an article that was published in the May 1998 issue of Sunday Times Magazine. It was quite a read, but when finished I said "Kudos to the one who wrote this chronology of events." I tried to find the author (1) of the writing but didn't succeed. Here is a part of what you are about to read, if you wish to do so: "For more than a year, she says, he urged her to publish an account of his suffering, a campaign she did her best to ignore. One Sunday in March 1997, he made it impossible to refuse. “I was sitting on the bed,” she says, Continue reading

Changing Hair

Today my hairdresser Chantal cut my hair 30 centimeters shorter and again she said something that she said the last 3 times she worked on my hair, "It seems that you hair is getting thicker each time I cut it. I am certain I can remember telling you that it was thinner, but I guess I was wrong because you have thick hair, why did I remember that so wrong." I could have told her, 'Ever seen my Cosmic Counterpart? He had the most marvelous hair I have ever seen. Thick and curly. And we are merging I guess the structure of his hair is also transferred unto me, with the asthma, the freckles and the lot.' Continue reading

One Song

Today something happened that I never could have dreamed of happening. Michael had a special request, how odd as that may sound, but he pointed me directly to a song that was never released through the 'proper' channels and is of major importance. Michael stated that it is very relevant in this time-table and he couldn't have put it any better than the man we know as Prince Rogers Nelson. It is the One Song, but not just the song on itself but the powerful Interlude included. So here it is, and Michael says "I hope they get the message!" Continue reading

Transmission 19

An amazing transformation of energies we see occurring on the face of Mother Earth as of late; a lot of people are waking up to the presence of their counterpart. You have to understand that there is a lot we can't simply talk about unless it is happening and clarify how it happens and why it happens, because we aren't granted to put premonitions onto you, for this needs to develop totally natural. For a long time we, from the point where we are as in behind the veil, already know that some drastic changes had to be made in the energy and mass-consciousness for calibrating the Divine Balance Continue reading

Numbers and Synchronicity

Michael was born on the 22nd and born again in the spirit world on the 22nd, in another incarnation he was also born on the 22nd, and his daughter is born on the 22nd. My father did the same he was born on the 30th (in 1930!) and born again in the spirit world on the 30th. My dad was like Michael a 21=3. He was born at 30/05/1930. 3+5+1+9+3+0=21. Michael: 2+2+1+1+9+6+0=21. Another nice number trick is that in numerology he is 21, and my daughter was born on the 21st. Michael is a 3 and my daughter is a 2+1+1+1+9+8+9=31 and 3+1=4 to round it up, I am a 7. And 3+4=7. Continue reading

Higher Perspective

Seeing everything from a Higher Perspective is what I name ‘my higher ground,’ once I made the choice to only live that perspective, pretty soon the question ‘Am I really living’ popped up. That’s when I concluded, that even though I still choose to live from that platform, I need to stay well aware of the fact that everyone is on its way to a step further to their enlightenment and thus am I. Therefore I decided, even though I see it all from a different angle than most others, to be well aware that I am human too and ask myself: ‘All is well-seeing everything from a higher ground, but what do I actually feel, Continue reading

Switching of The Sexes

If you aren’t doing well in the awkward department, don’t read any further …This is going to be dual awkward because it is kind of very personal and at the same time the most natural thing, if only people were willing to open up about it. Plus it can be awkward for you to read. The whole world has sex, from the tiniest bug to elephants and the like, so … having said that let’s carry on. Try not to picture this too much just take it as worthwhile information on how far telepathy between Cosmic Counterparts reaches. We all know telepathy in two forms I guess, thought transference and transference of feelings, Continue reading

Essence Twin

Other confirmations landed in my digital lap today, plural as in one; the fact that what I experience is exactly as described and two; the terms I received through transmissions are the same as "The Michaels" (whom I never heard of before) use to transmit their information, so these are Universal Terms. And I am grateful beyond measure, once again. For a decade already I pondered on this question "Why do Freddie and Michael use the term essential twin or twin in essence but no one else does?" Freddie was the one who introduced Michael to me in 2007 with the words: Continue reading


Maybe for none of you flabbergasting information, but it stunned me deeply in a way. I am doing some research again, on mimics, facial expressions and the lot. I have to keep myself well informed during these merging stages we go through, to keep it as real as possible. But okay what was so stunning: during an interview I heard one of the INXS brothers say that the band started on August 17th in 1977, on that exact date 30 years later I saw Michael for the first time! Continue reading

Transmission 18

Hello, during this transmission we are going to talk about a subject matter that is uncommonly known. At the same time someone else will receive this information, only it’s up to them to share this on the digital highway of course. Information is never been given to solely one person but to several others spread around the globe as well. This kind of information is for the masses because everyone has the basic right to know what is happening on the ethereal planes. This time it will be about The Sealing of The Akashic Records, or the Hall of Records. What are the Akashic Records? Continue reading

Next Stage of Merging

This is a difficult task I am putting myself up to, because I know a lot of you will not even be able to comprehend this, which is normal, because if you didn’t experience it yourself it is hard to understand, nonetheless, I have to share. If it is to your liking you can read this The Resemblance and The Merging. Maybe it is even better to read that before you read this, but you are free to do whatever you please of course. So like I told in that 2015 article, I got the same lung problems Michael had, I got the freckles on my arms I never had before and I saw him looking through me when I saw myself in the mirror. Continue reading

A Bad Day with A Twist

May 21st was a bad day, nothing more and pitiful nothing less. My back hurt severely once again and I was in a real foul mood because of a jam I was in. If there is one thing I can’t stand it is being in a foul mood, my whole energy just feels temporary terrible and I see no way out soon enough. In some weird way my inner self always directs me to a movie or something else that gets me all emotional. This time it was a movie and yeah there I was crying my eyes out all of a sudden, I just needed that trigger because in seconds I heard myself rambling everything out loud that was bothering me Continue reading