The Cormael Couple

Transmission 1

Michael and I 'met' in 2007. The first thing he ever 'said' to me, in December 2008 was 'The broken grain is as green as ever,' followed by 'We came from far behind the stars ever imaginable and we landed in Scotland.' It's not that he didn't say anything at all in the meantime, a sure thing only now he started 'sounding' as if messages were coming through. In 2009 he told me 'We have to get the message out there,' me asking him how he visualized that. 'We talk, don't we? So now we talk, well I talk and you write,' and he smiled. 'Okidoki, that part is easy so far, but what you mean by - out there - strikes me.' 'Hows that honey?' Continue reading

Dear Michael

November 21st - 22nd 2013 - 23:55 Local Time - 9:55 Sydney Time. In a couple of minutes 16 years ago you made the last phone call in your lifetime .... in about half an hour after that call, you made your transition ... Today, 16 years ago, you decided to leave this troubled world behind, Although I understand, still would love to see you walking around, holding your baby-girl, see her grow up into the gorgeous woman she is becoming in her almost 18 years. You decided otherwise. Continue reading

Love is

Need to get something out of my system, how on Earth is it possible that when an actor, musician or other artist dies, they all of a sudden become some kind of 'shrine'? For example, I am a lifetime Queen fan, since the age of 8, the day Freddie died was a weird day to say the least. Ever since that day he still is the same Freddie to me ... I am not declaring my so-called love throughout the whole world-wide web. You see I keep on loving his/their music, for there were 4, but that is about it, I love their music, not them personally, I didn't know him/them personally so what is there to love exactly? Continue reading


What are twins actually, two people who shared the same womb at the same timetable? Do you really think that when you picture this, that there is 'someone' out there, who you think is your significant other half, that you shared some same cosmic womb or something? To think like that is an Earthly way of thinking. Better think again. Questions? Question your thoughts again. Everyone has already heard by now the statement 'think outside the box.' Well that and beyond. beyond in the sense of step out of the comfort zone of thoughts that are common ground. Continue reading

My Alpha and I

One night in 2007 I woke and felt by instant that there were energies in my bedroom that normally aren't there ... I turned my head to the left and for the first time I looked my spiritual guide right in the 'eyes', the one I asked back in 1995 "when will I ever be able to SEE you?" His simple answer back then was "when the time is right and you will be ready." "Yeah well thanks that is very reassuring!" but I just let it be ... Immediately I felt that something else was happening and turned my head, and at the foot end of the bed there he was ... the other half of the Cormael Couple ... Continue reading

Everything is Energy

Everything is energy ... obviously. The more you become energy aware the more you become to realize how miraculous it all works. It is just that at the moment supreme you never realize what you are doing, when a while, or a long time later it seems obvious you were placing parts in the right position of your inner puzzle. For instance a long time back, I guess we were in the mid-nineties back then, when the idea of starting to write a book came to my mind. Not long after that my neighbors decided to buy themselves a new computer, a windows computer. Continue reading

Eternal Friend

(Poem) By the big mighty ALL in LIGHT just to keep us ever so bright, not in intelligence but in light force in our core to be exact, lays the source. Where it all began and will never end you will always be mine, my eternal friend for the same reason I AM yours and together we are bound to open doors. (end) Continue reading

Ode To My Alpha

One X One (Poem) If there was one way in the Universe NOT to love you. You see it would be impossible to just BE. For loving you is just as easy, as breathing comes and my heartbeat pounds. God created us as ONE X ONE makes ONE. Forevermore souls entwined energies combined. From back then till eternity and far beyond. Forever bond (2008) Touch (Poem) The touch of your 'skin,' makes a spin coming in, shining sun streaming in, the love flowing in. The flow in motion, sweet devotion to an ages-old love, created above. (2008) … Continue reading