Other confirmations landed in my digital lap today, plural as in one; the fact that what I experience is exactly as described and two; the terms I received through transmissions are the same as “The Michaels” (whom I never heard of before) use to transmit their information, so these are Universal Terms. And I am grateful beyond measure, once again. For a decade already I pondered on this question “Why do Freddie and Michael use the term essential twin or twin in essence but no one else does?” Freddie was the one who introduced Michael to me in 2007 with the words: “May I introduce you, your twin in essence.” Later Michael used the same sentence over and over again to this day and forward referring to me as “She who is the essence of me.” And I have to say in all the Twin Flame/Twin Soul writings I came across, no one ever used the word essence twin, essential twin or twin in essence, but today I came across a transmission by the original transmitter, Sarah Chambers, of The Michaels. It was given in 1997 to Barry McGuinness and you can find him here
Man and Woman, Ali & Nino, by Tamara Kvesitadze - Batumi, Georgia

This is the part from Barry’s channeling: “He has a discarnate essence twin but there are no agreements for them to meet in this lifetime. His discarnate essence twin does exert considerable influence on him …” (And I really love the term discarnate for this matter!)

“The Michaels (a.k.a Michael) are a reunited Mid-Causal Plane Entity of more than a thousand individual souls. Although in the original books Michael is treated as a plural noun, one way to avoid the resulting grammatical nightmare is to refer to them as ‘the Michaels.’ This way using ‘they’ and plural verbs is not so confusing. The Michaels began imparting their messages about forty-four years ago, August 12 1973, through individuals who ‘channel’ them. After becoming involved with the ‘Michael Group’ author Chelsea Quinn Yarbro wrote four books — Messages From Michael, More Messages From Michael, Michael’s People, and Michael for the Millennium — based on sessions, transcripts, and interviews.” 

So this multi-headed group named The Michaels already talked about essence twins back in the early 70’s. They are also very clear on the constant telepathic communication between the two, and that they look physically alike, in mannerisms and facial expression and the like, they have a term for it ‘bleeding through’:
“An essence twin is the most intense relationship we can have. It is synonymous with the terms twin flame and twin soul, but not necessarily with soul mate. When we are deeply involved with our essence twin on the physical plane, that relationship can be so compelling as to distract us from our life task or other things we wish to accomplish. That is why we don’t necessarily get together often with our essence twin on the physical plane.
We mirror our essence twin not only because of our mathematical correlations, if any, but because of having had so many experiences together. It is like a couple who have been together for fifty years. They tend to pick up one another’s mannerisms and characteristics, and communicate almost telepathically. When our essence twin is discarnate, it is almost as if that soul is living within us—in our vest pocket, so to speak. The bleed-through is noticeably stronger than when our essence twin is incarnate. If your essence twin dies while you are alive, the bleed-through immediately increases.”
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