The day that a soul sister of mine came over for a visit. It was a while ago since we last actually saw each other. We always keep in touch through phone, app or Facebook, in the meantime, she moved house and I became a grandma but with our lives in a steadier water again we decided to meet up. It’s always great to meet up with a friend of course but she is special to me, because we resonate and if I could ever say how it feels like to have a sister it’s she. Two remarkable moments occurred during her visit. For starters, I asked her to feel a part of the skin on my arm. She is a licensed nurse and I just wanted to know her thoughts about a small part of my skin. 

Those who follow me may have read writing in which I talk about our (Michael’s and mine) merging process, what happened to my lungs, the freckles that I got on my arms and so forth. Since a month I have a spot on my right arm that most certainly isn’t of the skin texture I know I have. I know how my skin feels and all of a sudden there was a part that surely wasn’t there before and isn’t mine either. So I decided to let her take a look. at first, I asked her to close her eyes because feeling it is always more accurate than seeing something. 

She definitely felt the difference between the one part of my skin and this tiny part but she couldn’t explain what she felt either. It’s like someone bit a piece from my skin and someone else’s skin is transplanted to it instead of my own, I can’t explain it in any other way. And it is not some kind of condition because it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t itch it doesn’t stand out, it is just as flat as my own skin, only the texture is totally different, rawer, rougher, hard to explain. BUT I already heard a similar example from someone else who met up with his cosmic counterpart who is extraterrestrial and a part of her skin was ‘transplanted’ on the skin of his hand. I have seen it. No joke! Therefore when this ‘skin-change’ I underwent I immediately thought of him like ‘Wait for a second, he had the same all those years back!’

Later that day something else happened that astounded me to the max. I was sitting in my rocking chair and her on the couch, we were just having a great conversation when all of a sudden she said “My God I could swear I saw your face change. I thought I saw it before but didn’t say anything because I thought I was silly, but I saw it again, just a split second but your face changed.” I laughed about it and said ‘So he has me turning into a shapeshifter now.” No joke though because it happened to Jean Cline too when she gradually merged with George Reeves, people saw him through her too. 

The point is, people are starting to see it now, my husband was shocked for an instant a while back when I asked him what was the matter he said: “I looked into your eyes but it wasn’t your eyes.” All this is ‘right on time’ though because Michael said that by the time we are merged to the max what is humanly possible I will be 56 and I am 52 and a half now. (We will fully merge when I depart to behind the veil ;-) This was a remarkable Thursday.

© Cormael 2018 04/10