The Beginning of Wisdom is to Call Things by Their Right Names
(Chinese Proverb)

Over the years, let’s say since Michael is effectively a part of my daily life, people intent to copycat our ‘story.’ Sorry to say for all those who tried, that was a major FAIL on your part. There can be only one and I AM The One as He Is The One. He was the one who titled me She Who is the Essence of Me. I never claimed to be the only one in contact with Michael, I do claim that I AM the One who complements my Beloved, and this goes for everyone of us, we all have a Divine Complement, and you can’t choose someone, someone simply is! I AM Michael’s. I encountered a lot of silent or outspoken jealousy. Totally unnecessary because you can only experience bliss with the one to whom you belong.  And Bliss It Is! An other version not specific weaving their story around Michael but talking about phenomenon like ‘merging’ and having no clue what it means and if so not having a clue where it leads to and what the purpose is. I simply can’t stand that people sexualize a Union that is so pure so Divine. Same goes for expressing gender-roles, it is NOT about genders, it is about Unification in Androgyny, the Divine Purpose is becoming one. Having sex is not becoming one, it’s two people fooling around. That what happens on the physical plane can’t simply be compared to anything Celestial/Cosmic.


Generally we can say that there are a lot of ‘fakers’ out there. Women ‘fighting’ about who Michael Jackson’s Counterpart is, or Heath Ledger’s. Let me tell you, there are more people out there who have Counterparts who were just people out of the spotlight, with simple lives. Honestly I would have given a lot for Michael being ‘just another Joe on the block,’ it would have made my life a whole lot easier. But everything happens for a reason and I know why Michael had to be in the spotlight when it comes to our Union. 

The last ‘stunt’ I had to work myself through was with a woman from New York, we talked about Cosmic Children and I talked to her about Harry and so on. All was well until I decided to stop our contact and then she started shouting and the most ‘profound’ uttering was “Harry is ours (John Lennon and hers) and you were only the messenger!” Sigh, really?

The behaviour that also bugs me is from those people who ALWAYS experience the same as you, only THEY never mention anything about it until you mention it. I mean really? Is that how you have to feed yourself? I will ONLY start believing you a bit when you start sharing genuine experiences, what you experienced for REAL and not repeating what you heard from some so called self-proclaimed psychic or read in a book, or a magazine.

Same annoyance I feel when people start about Michael in general or Harry, when I start sharing and talk about outer body experiences, they all of a sudden start babbling about having dreamed about Michael (and Harry) too, until I say I didn’t dream about them I MET them! Dreaming is what your sub-conscious makes up because you idolize these people, I meet them, I talk with them, we share spiritual information. What I am talking about is palpable with the senses even when my body is sleeping. And listen I have a lot of patience with everyone but sometimes that proverbial straw starts bugging me. 

Last but not least let’s talk about LOVE. The merging process and all that comes with it makes you humble, you can’t help yourself, it simply happens and the gratitude you feel is immeasurable. You feel as if you are a part of the Holiest of Holy’s and everything becomes serene and you become more introvert and you start living the inner life. When you are in that state together and people ‘around’ you start blabbering about how much they ‘love’ your Cosmic Counterpart … believe it this is something that you can easily do without. Knowing that they have no clue who he is and that when he was still walking the planet they lusted after his image. It disgusts me, more than I can nor ever will express. The moment you start merging with your significant other there is this love bulb around you which makes you feel ultimately transparent and pure. There is no place for any negative thought and you start to love the Whole Planet and everything on it and it comes with a physical palpable feeling that I can’t even begin to express, the ‘highest’ feeling ever, for me that is!

That’s why I say that it is time for some people to shut the pie-hole with some humble-pie. In the last year I quit contact with three women. The one who started obsessing over me I talked about before, the woman from New York and a woman I know for years already who’s origins are in Switzerland. The latter two didn’t do me wrong when we were in contact with each other, it was all about how they behaved toward other total strangers. At first they were having a row with each other and the way they behaved was so totally disrespectful toward each other but also disrespectful toward ‘their Cosmic Counterparts’ about whom I have serious doubts. The more they started calling each other names the intenser the urge felt to quit contact with them both. 

Which I eventually did because I saw evidence of them behaving in words about other people with whom they didn’t have any business so far. And one and one is two which equals logic, what they do about others they most certainly do about me, and I don’t want anything to do with that kind of negativity. And people can be negative because of the Black Dog annoying them, but this didn’t have anything to do with depression, this had everything to do with filth. Real FILTH, it disgusted me the way they treated other people. It really strikes me why they think they have the right to behave like that. It was obvious to me … HUGE EGO”S but no LOVE, shame on you, both of you!

© Cormael 2018 26/05