In Depth Transformation – Last April 21 I woke up with a feeling that everything had changed. The entire energy around me was different, I knew by instant that something happened to me during sleeping time but I couldn’t recall what exactly happened, what I can state easily is that I went through a major shift while sleeping and don’t get me wrong here, everything in 3-D in my life is still the same, only the energy has changed drastically. The other odd thing was the moment I opened my eyes I said out loud, April 21st is great day to quit smoking, and I did! I quit smoking before for 2 years and 3 months and started again for a, looking back on it, childish reason, nonetheless I guess I needed it for as long as it lasted. I will not lit a cigarette again, that I know for 100% certain. I am done.

Back to that shift, when I opened my eyes everything was lighter and I sensed the colours to be different, more intense and I heard things I normally didn’t hear, ‘palpable’ things from the environment I live in. I felt the urge to instruct my body to ensure myself I was still in the same vessel as before I went to sleep. Pitiful enough I don’t know for sure who I actually met outer body, but I did meet someone I could feel it in my whole being. The feeling it all gave me was that I had finally met my Higher Spirit Guide Yeshua. If this was a result of some major changes that took place, I knew exactly why I passed this ‘exam’ now.

Although I am very happy at the place where I am now, I have struggled a lot in the past 11 years. Teaming up again with your other Essential Half for Divine Service is one thing, growing past egoic circumstances that trouble your mind and vision is another. Those of you who know the process I went through in the past almost 25 years, know that when I met Michael,  for the first time for real 11 years ago, my whole world was turned upside down and I spend the first couple of months almost 24/7 on the internet and mainly YouTube to see every interview, live performance , clip and whatnot. I just needed to see who I was dealing with here. Not that I had no idea who he was as my Divine Cosmic Counterpart, but I needed to know who he was as a human, how he acted and interacted when he was in the flesh for the last time.

Well  I better not had done that on the one hand on the other I think I never could have escaped that if I am honest because this simply was what we signed up for. The first egoic circumstance I felt myself trapped in, was defending his honour everywhere I went. All of a sudden I was Michael’s advocate, a cause I took upon me with all my heart, because there was, and still is, so much rubbish out there when it comes to his life specifically the last 5 years of his life. When he got the accident, the split with Ms.Christensen, the hook up with Mrs. Yates-Geldof and becoming a father of the lovely Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily, who now goes by simply T, Heavenly Tiger or just Heavenly.

How so is that egoic? Because no one ever asked me to do this, I just simply did because I felt the urge to do it, that wasn’t exactly part of the Divine Plan, because it was of no importance at all anymore, who thought and said what at whatever point in time when it came to him and his daily life circumstances. At one point he simply said to me ‘Leave it honey, just stop it, it is of no importance what they think, you know the truth and that is all that counts, you are the only person that counts when it comes to me.’ It is not that I stopped immediately because some people really know how to crawl under your skin, but hey when they do you gave them permission to do so, I simply had to stop letting them in. I did! I managed to transform this!


The second phase was the hardest phase to stumble through. Letting go of his past physical features! You simply have to be a blind cow to not see how totally and utterly gorgeous he was. Plus that I needed to know his characteristics sooner or later, because those were the parts of him I had to take in right away, for those I dealt with since day one, his humour, wit, brilliance, genius and on top of it all being a marvelous tease. Now most of you readers will think “And can I ask, what is wrong with that? Because it sounds awesome to me.” Yes it IS awesome, He IS awesome, but he is a spirit! You can’t wrap your arms around a spirit as you might well understand, but that is where I started longing for, to hold him to make love to him, to do everything with him, but you might well understand that this is out of the question!

At least this is physical out of the question, in outer body presence when I am just as much spirit as he is, everything is different. The urge to learn to step out of my body at will was a very appealing one, and I know if I put in a little effort I would have managed, it took a lot of my strength to go against it, but I did, thus I decided to be with him when my spirit would step out naturally during the time I am asleep. His love for me is so strong that at one point he almost manifested right in front of me in 3D! I know what that costs him and how long it takes to recover from. Nonetheless all I knew, I also knew I simply longed for him and this phase had some sub-stages: Longing for him and crying because I couldn’t be with him, longing for him and feeling guilty about it because I didn’t want to make it any harder for him than it already was, longing for him and feeling stupid about it because he is a spirit and at last longing for him and accepting that I simply longed for him and would for as long as I live. When I reached that point in myself he said: ‘If there is one woman in this whole wide Multiverse who is entitled to long for me, it is YOU!’

So my humanity did still matter? I was entitled to long for him the way I did? That surprised me because the only thing I was busy with doing was being as ethereal as possible to be able to communicate with him as much as I could. I had to understand though that this didn’t matter a thing, me being a human and a spirit and him being only a spirit. Although we weren’t able to connect on a human level we can connect on spirit-level. I had to learn to see and comprehend that me being human still was a part of this Divine Plan, for how on Earth would I else be able to ‘get the message out there?’ And no one ever expected me to not long for him, because being that intimate with someone on a cosmic spirit-level filters through to your physique, It would have been utterly weird if I hadn’t longed for him, because after all he is My Cosmic Man.

Being past that I still understood that even though I could allow myself to long for him as a human, I needed to transform this into longing for him as a spirit, because it was an emotional burden to long for someone as a human and knowing you will never feel his body-warmth and everything that comes with it. All the while we still worked together, talked, laughed, acted and interacted. Me going through several stages never affected our Divine Mission. Being out in the open about being Divine Cosmic Counterparts, telling it like it is and assist those who seek help when it comes to this. Honestly that has always been the quite easy task, because when I got over the fact that he was Michael Hutchence in his last lifetime and opened up about that, all just went smoothly.

The next phase was allowing him to be spirit and spirit only and that caused me a lot of heartache … I needed to let Michael Hutchence be what he was and move on with only Michael. That sounds strange doesn’t it? I understand and it’s not that I want to deny his Michael Hutchence incarnation, on the contrary because it was a very significant mission during that incarnation a mission he succeeded with grandeur. It is that I can’t focus on the Michael Hutchence, or George Gordon Byron, or Cesare de Borja incarnations anymore, because in each life he had a specific mission. Missions who brought him as far as he is now, but evolution doesn’t stop when you stop incarnating, it continues … Letting Michael Hutchence be for what he was meant at the same time, tossing away pictures, stop watching clips, only the music and the lyrics remain for me to enjoy, his legacy from that incarnation. It isn’t that I will close my eyes when a picture of him passes me by, it is just that my feelings about it are changed. Honestly I didn’t see if I would and could ever succeed, but I did.

Managing that had, as far as I can see now, everything to do with April 21st. On that day a wave of transformation energies was set in motion. Probably because I transformed minor steps to ‘deserve’ to transform to a different level of awareness, but not only in perception and sensing but on a physical level too, before going into that I need to clarify what happened after April 21st when it comes to the transformation in my merging process with Michael. I got the insight that by keeping the focus on the Michael Hutchence incarnation I wasn’t doing him nor myself a favour. It would mean we kept stuck and we needed to move on, move through. And believe me free when I say that because I am still in a carnal vessel it is all up to me, because I am still bound to the Universal Law of Entitlement to Free Will, Michael totally respects that I can decide whatever I want and he has to go with my every whim. My respect, adoration and love for him will never let him go through that, I intent to follow up on our agreement, the one we made before incarnating in respectively 1960 and 1966.

Focusing on either what part of his incarnation cycle will limit him, I will never do that, we need to move forward, we need to take the next step and the spirit that brought life to the Michael Hutchence incarnation is still here. He is still the same energy; only he is so much more than that and I can’t possibly limit him by focusing on the Michael Hutchence life alone. Michael is Celestial and I am moving forward in honouring that Celestial Part in him that is the same as me, we are a unit. Everything that led to this point in our joined venture was great in the larger sense of being. 

I needed to go through all the situations and get all the information that came with it for example the knowledge about and meeting with two of my Cosmic Sons, one in the flesh and the other who is still in spirit. Knowing that therefor I have Cosmic Daughters too who form an Alpha and Omega Union with our Sons, because as Earthly as it may sound and we need to use the words that speak to the minds of the readers, it is and will always be a Cosmic Matter and not an Earthly Matter. The most important is that I needed to know about our Cosmic Children before we could slide smoothly into the next phase of our merging process. And the three lives in our incarnation cycle I know about are knowledge enough, there is no need to know more in this human presence, because everything is stored in our causal body for the time being, is imprinted in our blue print and is present in the Akashic Records anyway. This what I know now is enough, because otherwise we wouldn’t be where I am and where we are.

Physically seen this is a process on its own, because that is where I have to go through, and Michael only feels what I feel but it doesn’t burden him. Since April 21st I became short-breathed and needed to use my Ventolin inhaler more often than ever before. At first I thought ‘what a bummer’  but after clearing away the disappointment and stepping up to a higher level of perceiving, I understood the shortness in breath and what this cleared up in my lungs, was just another part of cleansing my body to calibrate yet another part of my body to be ready for the next phase of merging. It took me 3 weeks to cleanse where after Michael said so much as ‘Welcome to the Fifth Dimension.’ I can’t totally comprehend that because I am not that comfortable with being labelled to a different and more refined degree, on the other hand I know I am entitled to own it, as we all are. What also came to my awareness is the fact that Michael and I will be merged to the maximum what is humanly possible when I am 56, this doesn’t mean that our mission stops because that will go on forever, only in a different form after I step out in the age of 78.

There are major shifts happening on, in and around Mother Earth, collectively as well as individually. What goes for all of us and is of major importance; Do what you promised to do before you were born! How do I do that? Look and dig into what your gut tells you, what you almost ache for to take action upon and still didn’t. Start doing exactly that! Even if you have to step widely beyond your comfort-zone … take that step it may lift you up and enlighten you along the way.

© Cormael 2018 03/06