michael eyes huge


A couple of nights ago something ultimately strange happened. My husband was lying on top of me when he saw my eyes change, I was looking a fraction of second to the left and he said “Look me straight in my eyes again please.” A bit of a strange question because I look everyone straight in the eyes all the time. So I looked at him and asked “Why?” When he answered “What I just saw weren’t your eyes, your eyes changed.” I could have said ‘Are you crazy?’ but I didn’t because I am well aware that Michael’s eyes sometimes shine through mine, I have seen it in the mirror too a couple of times but now someone else saw it. Neat! 



Little over a year ago I wrote a couple of blogs about a heavenly scent surrounding me all of a sudden, which later wavered around the rest of the house in the following days. Today we had a kind of a similar experience, at first I thought the house was on fire, I sensed the smell of burning wood. Like a crazy person I raced through the house from room to room to see if there was something burning, but luckily I didn’t find anything of the like. So I went outside through the front and the backdoor to see if anything was going on outside, but again a no show of any burning material. When I went back into the house the smell of burning wood had changed to the smell of burning incense, which later transformed into rosewood incense. 

And I swear to God I hadn’t lit any incense. not even in the past couple of days. I have no idea where it comes from though and I had the ‘luck’ of not being alone, because my sister who is on vacation here sensed it too. So as I have no idea who sent the scent, I can’t figure what the message is. Maybe it was just a hint to lit some incense, who knows.  Strange … again.

© Cormael 2018 30/07