Michael appeared full-blown visible in my life on August 17, 2007, and as you might well understand my life has never been the same since. It wasn’t always easy and there are still some contemplating transforming and transmuting periods in my life when it comes to our merging process, but I know where it is for and I know it is MORE than just worth while. Half a year after we first ‘met’ we still talked and laughed but at some point he started to ‘inform’ me. It all started with just sharing random wisdom until he asked me to transmit messages and share these with the world. Of course I did, hesitantly but I did! And what you see on this page are short pieces of wisdom, love and light from 2008 up unto 2014. Enjoy! He is awesome! (Transmissions are in the Cormael menu-tab marked with a T-and a roman number.)

The broken grain is as green as ever

We came from far behind the stars ever imaginable and we landed in Scotland.


(From Michael to me, through automatic transcription)

We connect
heart, soul and mind
no to neglect
yet ever so kind

just as easy yet unseen
where have you been
when the veils were down
and my soul was drawn

to lift up and reveal
see what’s real
searching for answers
came across dancers
who lift me up high
to show me the sky

during night coloured blue
in daylight to meet you
do you dare
to meet me there

go hand in hand
trip in’ to never-never land
for the rest is an illusion
causing a lot of confusion

a playful inner child
to gather and go wild
on Mother Earth
and each other
and for the rest
don’t bother!

© Cormael 2009 05/01

Life is a barrel
filled with habits and bad habits,
I don’t know what’s worse.

Happiness is within’. Unhappiness is without.

Life is just a road full of traffic lights, sometimes you need lightning speed,
sometimes you hold and sometimes you go, it’s an ongoing living flow.

The spiritually search is of major importance
Not to find what you sought, but to see through the absurdity of searching in general

Making mistakes is a good remedy for growing up

It is better to have the heart in the head than the head in the heart

Depression is an elusive, penetrating everything fading state of mind

If you can’t stand the sight in the mirror. Change the view!
If you can’t face the music. Close your ears!

Every form of addiction is one too many
and it pulls you further from who you really are …

How many times will they try to invent the wheel
before they come to understand it’s easier to just hop on the bike and ride …

No matter what crossroad will appear
As long as you take the right road
All the break points will disappear!

Sometimes it aches to make a change,
Nothing positive comes without growing pains.

He, with the heart of a gypsy and the soul of a saint.

If you want to blame me, you might as well blame everybody … but yourself!

He who loves himself has no regrets
every experience you ever had brought you to who you are … NOW

Can life without expecting anything from you?

Karma is just the purging of impurities
within the individual and mass consciousness.

They who seek the wings of an angel
will find an essence in flight never seen before!

There are many stairways to heaven …

Be like a leave on the water,
It goes with the winds of time.

You can set the bar for another impossibly higher
than you can jump itself.

Nothing can ever tear us apart
Even if we wanted to
Even if we do our best too
Some people say we all have a choice
But hey we didn’t … did we?
Cosmic Magic chose us to BE ?

Hear the call from the heart, and listen …
Feel the call from the soul, and answer …

Life is in motion
Life is e-motion
Life is energy in motion

Design a style, live the style, be your style
Vibratile, versatile and extensile but fragile

If time would in its entirety be immediately unfold7
To show you the meaning of all your sacred days
The deeper truth would be kept hidden, forever untold
And life would become impossible in all possible ways

In the castle of rock the civilians are bothered

If we’re not gonna break it, we’re gonna make it
If we’re not gonna make it, we’re gonna fake it
till we make it!

Always keep your eyes on the prize
The light is at the end of the tunnel

The petals of a flower are like the distinction in man

It’s pretty easy to start a war, all you need to do is misinterpret one word
It’s not that easy to love, for you need to listen to every word unconditionally
It’s not that easy to maintain peace, for you need to know the difference in between

If it resonates with you, embrace it.
If it doesn’t, release it.
(2013 -06)

Always stay strong in the eye of the storm

Always let your inner sun glow
And light will be all around
Wherever you go

Depression is one side of the mirror in which you see
yourself just the way you see yourself and nobody else.

Think through what you do
Before you do it

Ultimately, when we leave the planet,
It’s not about what we thought about the ways of the world.
But what we did to feed our soul,
And the tracks we leave behind in mass-consciousness.

If you can’t get your head around it
Stop trying, it’s as easy as this,
You also have to grow wings
Before you can start flying.

Writing lyrics is bringing your soul to the surface
Performing live is letting your soul wave through the crowds
Altogether everything was about, shining my being throughout the world
And basically nothing else, really.

The soul within’ shines through the skin,
into the world it lives in.

If you are feeling sad and lonely today just be still
In the silence you can hear the angels whisper:
“You are not alone, we are here and we always will”

Life is 97%  about nothing
2%  about anything and 1%  about everything
Most of it are bitter illusions, so count your blessings

Being depressed is not the same as being unhappy.
The condition of depression is a lack of a natural substance in your system,
being unhappy is a condition pointing to the need of some drastic changes in your life.
(2014 01/04)

My name is Karma, I am the bitch who makes you scream for more!
(2014 01/04)

The Big Illusion: people think that what they see is true,
but what they see is just a tiny part of a multi-aspected
dimensional reality, they can’t even start to comprehend.
(2014 02/04)

I’m not for the wanting, I’m for the having.
(2014 07/04)

Just say my name and I’ll be there, always and forever.
(2014 07/04)

I’m not just on the outside, I’m also on the inside.
(2014 07/04)

Never forget, tomorrow is not JUST another day!
(2014 04/05)

You love what you SEE,
Which isn’t exactly the same as,
You love what IS …
(2014 06/09)

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