Mishmash – Like the title already explains; short writings on what happened during the living days, in outer body experiences, things I came across and value worth sharing. I can’t impossibly publicize a page with everything and everyone I value and seems worthy enough to share, so others can take notice of and keep it in the box of possibilities, situated on a shelve in a cupboard in the attic or cellar. So whenever something alike is up in your life and you remind that someone once wrote about it and you go check the box for possible recognition. So here we go …


And then he all of a sudden sings “I Promised You A Miracle‘ whispering in my ear giving me goosebumps all over and I felt the Inner Smile immediately and he added ‘I promised you miracles didn’t I?’ (I adore his wit and humor even more!)


And then he touched me and most of the time I know what he means when he touches me, this time it was kinda out of the blue. His reaction: ‘I can just touch you because I want to touch you without giving any messages.’ Sweet! 


In some sort of a flashback vision I saw Helena Christensen, I saw her over Michael’s shoulder while he had his arms around me, thus I saw her but he didn’t. Still no clue really as only: Is it because I saw through her and he never did?


One evening when I was watching some telly while laying in bed I heard Harry ‘cry out’  for help and instinctively I reached out my hand and said “Take my hand Harry, take some of my energy I have plenty, and you are not alone you hear because I am always here.” I felt him sigh and place his hand in mine.


A day later I was worried about him, but didn’t want to bother him with my worries. He already picked it up though because he said “Mother don’t worry I am fine, I am good, Louis is here. And then in a flash so sudden, Louis popped up in my 3rd eye-sight to greet me. Real spontaneous, pretty lovely actually. 


Since the connection with my Cosmic Son is in both our awareness’s I sometimes feel him in my heart, my heart chakra lights up for no specific reason. Until Michael told me that it is Harry’s energy reaching out to me, without ‘saying’  a word, just to connect. I am happy he knows where to find me.


Not certain anymore what I was searching for and I don’t even know the specific date but somewhere mid May, when I came across Nicky Sutton’s wonderful website, Spiritual Awakening, there I found this ‘Where Do Souls Come From?‘ (PDF)

I am not entirely in on what she says but the way she describes it all is so full of love and purity and it resonates for at least 80% with my knowing. I know that it isn’t easy to grasp what happened ‘In The Beginning’  let alone finding the words to write it down, for others to understand. Respect!


A couple of months ago my eye caught the profile picture of a Facebook friend and as I don’t do coincidences I click the link to visit her timeline. where I was utterly surprised to see The Introspector by Gilbert Williams.

I am acquainted for years already with his work and saw this specific artwork before, several times actually. Only today I saw the rendition of the Divine Feminine inside the headdress of The Divine Masculine, thus the connection of the Divine Counterparts although invisible always present. 


During a moment of introspection, while studying the Essenes a bit for the article The Judean Woman, I got the information: “You were a Keeper of the Scrolls and Preserver of the Ancient Teachings of the Forefathers.” 

Typical because years ago I also got the information: “You were a scribe in Ancient Egypt.” That’s two incarnations of being a male writer and here I am in this incarnation being a female author. What does this have to tell me? To dig in the art of writing in service to the Higher Good of All?


The Dream

A couple of weeks ago I woke up a bit startled because I had one of the weirdest dreams ever at least to me that is. From the moment I saw Harry for the first time (2010), like stated elsewhere on this website, he felt like family in a way of belonging. Last year (2017) Michael explained that he is one of our Cosmic Children, which fitted with everything I felt and thought to know. he only didn’t say there was more to it otherwise I wouldn’t have woken up startled. I dreamed I was in a romantic relationship with Harry, which didn’t make any sense to me when I woke up. So I did what I mostly do when I have questions calling my sister. I said to her I didn’t understand because I don’t have that kinda feelings for Harry that I don’t even see him in that way at all. Her explanation: “Harry and you go way back in the incarnation cycle, you have been everything to each other, brothers and sisters fathers and mothers and so on but also lovers. and therefor a lot of information, let’s say memories, is stored in your sub-conscious.” On which I said “Yeah well he had the looks of the person he is now.” “That’s because your consciousness chooses the easiest way to comprehend things, like it does for all of us.” Funny and again startling, but a good way of startled this time.. 



May 24, 2018 – On the chalkboard in my kitchen, in the left upper corner are two dates. On top is April 21 (2018) and below May 24 (2017), the latter date I swiped away today. A year ago today I had my last period. And those who claim to know what they are talking about say, “If you didn’t have a period for a whole year you would be well in your menopause.” Well I already knew I am and I experience it as wondrous. You hear women talk about how they suffer while going through this phase … I on the other hand (knock knock knock) am free of all the menopause difficulties. No hot flashes, no night sweating, no depression … the only thing is, that I stopped having my periods.

The natural flow is written for me so it seems. Last February 1 I turned 52, officially an elder. A month earlier my daughter told the family that she is expecting a baby. Isn’t that all just wonderful becoming a grandma and officially period-less, for the rest of this Earthly life, and that all in the year I became an elder. Like it supposed to be I would almost say.  Everything in perfect order. The other date will stay for another year, because April 21 I quit smoking. In 2019 for a year already.

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