Picturesque – April  1993, Roquefort Les Pins, France. On a sunny day in April Michael decided to team up with Julian Broad for a photo-shoot, afterward Julian reminisced: Within the span of a four-hour shoot, the energetic INXS lead vocalist managed to be photographed – naked up a tree, swimming in his pool, fencing with a mate, and topless by an ivy-covered wall, wearing a kilt. These pictures, all of them are very precious to me for more than one reason. The pictures came in my possession somewhere around 2008/2009 and I kept them with me wherever I went, from the one computer to the next laptop, stashed them on USB-drives and extended hard-drives; just to make sure I would never lose them. The small ones are the originals, I have those mega-sized.

Michael Villa Tree and Pool

Last June I wrote the piece on the Connection between Michael, Harry and I, I knew there would be crapping people around trying to debate and debunk that … be my guest, it’s all okay, until you splatter your energy full force over my Facebook timeline and that’s the end of it. To begin I always give people space to vent their opinions and there are always these people who team up to bring people down, or at least try with their conspiracy theories and their know it all attitudes. One comes along and you can wait for one or more others who come crawling from behind the woodwork.

I have to explain everything otherwise I will swerve off topic very soon. With the linked writing come a couple of others and one is The Lunar Nodes, in which I explain the mirroring of the Nodes in the natal astrology charts of Michael, Harry, my husband, my daughter and I. And I knew for 100% certain I am right in what I wrote ONLY I made a mistake by linking the wrong natal chart of Harry’s. I had two natal charts because at first I wasn’t certain about his hour of birth it was either way 12:00/00:00 a.m. or 6 p.m. The fact of the matter is though that even when  planets are in a slightly different position it doesn’t do that much for the North and South Lunar Node. In fact you just need a birthday to see where the nodes globally and mainly are.

Well, at first there was Nancy Louise G. ‘lecturing me’ about Harry having studied Michael’s behaviour that Michael was Harry’s inspiration and the blah the bleeh the blooh, on which I answered that Harry wasn’t into INXS and  born in 1994 for Heaven’s Sake, the boy was 3 years old when Michael passed! Besides that, Harry is just simply NOT a copycat but a genuine authentic person and artist. I really thought ‘here we have it again, first Michael is being ‘accused’ of being a Jagger and Morrison rip-off and now this,’ so I just quit reacting making her tongue-tied. 

Couple of months thereafter the next one came along Lynn S., and she started debunking our connection by saying I got this birth hour all wrong so these Nodes didn’t mirror at all altogether, it was obvious she had no clue about how the North and the South Node are calculated to begin with, nonetheless she was right because I did attach the wrong natal chart of Harry’s. And then she started to back up Nancy Louise by saying that Harry did know about Michael at some point because he posted a picture of Michael on his Instagram in 2010/2011 (it is 2012 by the way) and he quoted a line from INXS’ Just Keep Walking lyrics. 

That was simply crazy because he never quoted from the lyrics he only tweeted ‘Just Keep Walking,’ for Heaven’s Sake come on. And she started about the ‘Cosmic Guitar’ and that it was made by an acquaintance of Camille Rowe’s whom he dated and so and so forth, I knew I had to react on that to make it stop right then and there. One thing though, that picture she was talking about she actually added to her comment and guess what …? So I had to give her that and I reacted:

“That picture in the pool is VERY interesting … this takes things to a totally different level, love this, thanks! I am going with the info I have and as I said I saw him in 2010 and never after until Yvette D. posted a picture of him on Facebook all grown up, with short hair and a pink suite and everyone went bat shit crazy and I didn’t understand why, I didn’t even know he had long hair before LOL, just to clarify … that guitar I don’t care who made it but I swear to God he used it on stage for the first time in Sydney! Plus you don’t have to put in that much of an effort to debunk our experience Lynn, I am no Harry-craze I respect him and love the music he makes but I am not into the boy as you might very well understand. PLUS he NEVER dated Camille Rowe!”

These women find it hard to swallow that Harry is a men’s man and not a women’s man? So where does that leave a middle aged woman who has the hots for this 24 y/o guy? But nonetheless …

Harry Michael2

She made me aware of the fact that Harry did post that picture of Michael in the pool on his Instagram, but it doesn’t mean a thing if you look at it realistically, because we have no idea why he chose to post that picture. It could have been because of an 18 year old with raging hormones finding an awesome picture of a beautiful man in a swimming pool, because we need to keep in mind here that he very respectful puts “Swim sir.” next to the picture, which obviously states that Harry had no idea who that man in that picture actually is. So yeah thanks for letting me know Lynn, but the reason why you put it up is a bogus reason. 

Like I said Harry isn’t into INXS at all because I know what music he listens to and believe me when I say I do know. Our Harry is into Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Pink Floyd. Queen and yeah … Shania Twain :-) who is his mom’s favourite. The Script, The 1975, Ed Sheeran and so on and you know why, because he was born in 1994, he isn’t into the music of the 80’s and 90’s because by the time he became aware of his surroundings and thus music it was already 2002. 

The music that influences you is the music you grow up with, in Harry’s case it is mainly his sister Gemma who is four years his senior and his mother Anne and father Desmond, who was effectively in his life until he was 7 and his parents split. That is simply how it works with music, your family members’ taste in music influences yours, you can see it everywhere if you pay attention.  And Harry isn’t any different. Plus Harry is not an album kinda guy but more into personal one hit wonders who mean a lot to him or he simply digs. 

As much as I like to say that Harry already knew about Michael’s existence I simply can’t. It is obvious that their energies resonate otherwise he would have never chosen to put this ‘random unknown’ man on his Instagram. We already know they are connected so Harry going purely by his gut and choosing a picture of Michael to put up is delightfully awesome! 

© Cormael 2018 31/08