Welcome at Cormael’s Cosmic Channel. Who is Cormael? Well in fact Cormael is a couple going by the same soul name, to keep it simple let’s say we have Cormael He and Cormael She. Cormael is US as a soul-being, as ONE. Cosmic Partners or Twin Rays if you wish, most people only know the Twin Flame/Twin Soul terminology. Only He is very persistent in saying ‘I AM he who is the essence of she.’ We are essential the same, our cosmic blue-print is the same, the start of our existence was at the exact same time. Where She goes, He goes. Where He goes, She goes. We ARE just another Alpha and Omega Couple, one of the many.

She IS Dutch, born in 1966. He WAS Australian, born in 1960. She is an Earth-Being. He is a Celestial-Being, soon to be an Ascended Light-Master and she his Lady-Master. He showed himself to her in a couple of visions, the last time was in the year he was about to transit to the Celestial Spheres, 1997. Ten years later they finally met, 2007. After several steps in their merging process he asked her if she would like to channel him. So it happened that he started to talk to her and through her. Every transmission he ends with the words ‘As spoken through she who is the essence of me. Michael – The Master Poet.’

Furthermore is this website our story and then some. If you have any questions about the Twin Flame/Twin Soul Phenomenon, we will do our utmost best to answer all your questions conform our personal experiences. Real Life experience, not by hear-say or book-knowledge.

May all your days be filled with Light, Love and Laughter.


Cornelia & Michael

Michael's Life in Images

You came to rock the house and shake the planet, you succeeded! Michael is the one whom I 'nicknamed' The Master Poet, a poet, a painter with words, a sculptor of feelings, a composer who breathed and lived chords, a precious shining diamond-like star, a man with the heart of a gypsy and the soul of a saint, a radiant spirit who will never faint. and who am I? I am the one he refers to as ... "she who is the essence of me ... "

Michael : born January 22, 1960 Australia, raised in Japan, the United States and back to Australia again. Australian from English, Irish and Spanish descendants. Genius, lyricist, poet, humanitarian and environmental activist. Son of Kelland and Patricia, brother of Christina and Rhett, father of Tiger, soul-part of John. Charismatic front man and brilliant singer of INXS, a baritone with a vocal range C♯2-D7, bon vivant and party animal pur sang, is what met the eye. The other side, the IN-side, a shy, insecure, slightly dark minded, bi-sexual guy, who loved arts, books, music and seafood. An anthroposophist, deep feeler and thinker. An extreme loving, caring, kind and friendly man. A highly sensitive soul who survived his life for 37 years. Deceased 1997, suicide.

Left the world with a lot of questions behind. Some conspiracies claim he is murdered. He told me he is not. It was a desperate act of self harm and if he could have thought about it for 5 minutes he probably would still be here. On the other hand he says that he wasn’t supposed to become 38 by soul-contract, so if not the suicide he committed, he would have died anyway in 4 months time.

Now an Earth Keeper and in the spiritual sense on the road with his Cosmic Partner and soul-essence assisting the Earth Mother and all her inhabitants where needed and possible. A Cosmic Master waiting for his still on Earth living soul-part to re-emerge and his Omega to pass for ascension. In between sharing Universal and Cosmic Knowledge, specially where it comes to the Alpha and Omega Phenomenon and all matters of the soul and soul-connections.

Soul wise, ‘just Michael’ he says, modest as he is. Will remain Michael, he ended his cycle of earthly rounds in 1997, never to return embodied again. Also embodied as Lord Byron and Cesare de Borja.

Michael’s Lyrics :


Michael’s Music :


My most favourite Michael Lines:

Turn around

Am I looking at salvation

Make me realize all that I AM

You put the light inside this man

Lord Byron : born January 22, 1788, in London, United Kingdom, was a bi-sexual English poet and a leading figure in the Romantic movement. Among Byron’s best-known works are the lengthy narrative poems Don Juan and Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage and the short lyric She Walks in Beauty. Byron is regarded as one of the greatest British poets, and remains widely read and influential. He traveled widely across Europe, especially in Italy where he lived for seven years. Later in life, Byron joined the Greek War of Independence fighting the Ottoman Empire, for which many Greeks revere him as a national hero. He died one year later on April 19th 1824 at age 36 from a fever contracted while in Missolonghi in Greece. Often described as the most flamboyant and notorious of the major Romantics.

• Don Juan • Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage • She Walks In BeautySiege of Corinth

Cesare de Borja : born September 13, 1475, natural son of Pope Rodrigo de Borja Alexander VI and Vannozza dei Cattanei. Born in Italy but from Spanish descendants. Brother of Juan, Lucretia, Giovanni and Gioffre de Borja. Half-brother of Don Pedro Luis and Girolama de Borja, He was a Renaissance captain who, as holder of the offices of duke of the Romagna and captain general of the armies of the church, enhanced the political power of his father’s papacy and tried to establish his own principality in central Italy. He was found death totally naked and dehydrated with multiple stab wounds on March 12, 1507. According to renowned author and researcher Colin Henry Wilson in his book ‘Criminal History Of Mankind‘ Cesare as well as his older brother Juan were both bi-sexual.

(I would have loved to take him up on that only to find out he deceased in 2013. The thing I discovered from the book-sources is that he worked himself through the approx. 3100 paged 5 Volumes of The History of Rome 1866 by Theodore Mommsen 1817-1903)

Cornelia's Life In Pictures

music freak, book wurm, intriguing, intrigued, fascinating, fascinated, inspiring, inspired, curious, studious, philanthropist, therapist, scatterbrain, perfectionist, loving, caring, counselor, teacher, writer, analyst, woman, daughter, sister, mother, lover, friend, but above all 100 times myself!

Cormael Lia, born in Oss, The Netherlands as Cornelia Kluijtmans on February 1, 1966. Lover of trees, music, books, pen and paper. Cosmic Twin-Essence of Michael, Wife of Mehmet, daughter of Tilly and Jo, sister of Johan and Toon, Mother of Nicola and an unborn beloved son. And I AM intriguing and intrigued, fascinating and fascinated, inspiring and inspired, curious and studious, philanthropist, humanist, analyst, perfectionist, therapist, counselor, teacher, writer, author and scatterbrain. Claireaudient, highly intuitive and automatic writer.

There Can be Only One (only in Dutch available)

Lady Caroline Lamb born Ponsonby on November 13, 1785 in Dorset, United Kingdom, to Henrietta Ponsonby, Countess of Bessborough, Frederick Ponsonby, 3rd Earl of Bessborough. She was an Anglo-Irish aristocrat and novelist. Her most famous work is Glenarvon, a Gothic novel that was released in 1816 and although published anonymously, Lady Caroline’s authorship was an open secret. She published three additional novels during her lifetime: Graham Hamilton (1822), Ada Reis (1823), and the pocket-diary Penruddock (1823)  no copies of this work are known to have survived. She printed it in England and hoped to publish it in Ireland, no one knows where the original is. Her struggle with mental instability became more pronounced in her last years, complicated by her abuse of alcohol and laudanum. By 1827, she was under the care of a full-time physician as her body, which had always been frail, began to shut down. Lady Caroline deceased on January 25, 1828.

Glenarvon Volume I • Glenarvon Volume II • Glenarvon Volume III

Graham Hamilton

Ada Reis Volume IAda Reis Volume IIAda Reis Volume III

Lucretia de Borja was born April 18, 1480 at Subiaco, near Rome. Her mother was Vannozza dei Cattanei and her father Rodrigo de Borja, Pope Alexander VI. Her education was entrusted to Adriana Orsini de Milan. Unlike educated women of her time her education came from within the sphere of intellectuals in court and close relatives. For most women who wanted to be educated, convents were the primary source for knowledge. Her upbringing would differ from others due to the inclusion of Humanities. This education would be successful in teaching her Spanish, Catalan, Italian, French, and some dominance of Latin and Greek. She would also become proficient in the lute, poetry, and oration. The biggest testament is her capability in administration, as later on in life she would take care of Vatican City correspondence and governance of Ferrara. Lucretia deceased due to complications of child-birth of her 7th living born child, June 24th, 1519.

(Extra note for those who say this picture isn’t Lucretia – LucreZia in English for a unknown reason – read what art historian Maike Vogt-Lüerssen has to say – PDF)

In Dutch Cormaël is written with a mutated vowel over the e. It was Michael who brought to my awareness that with the mutated vowel the pronunciation is easier in Dutch. And then he japed ‘Now it’s the name of an angel.’ Joker. In English the mutation vowel isn’t necessary for the right pronunciation of the name because the ae is a tone on itself in the English language. That said …

Cormael is my writer’s name, its contents are the first letters of the names my parents gave me. COR nelia MA ria EL izabeth. Only years thereafter it seemed that there were some other reasons why that specific name came to me.

The name has a history, a history I didn’t know of and has its roots in Scotland/Australia. In the last half of the 19th century an Australian family of emigrants had the surname Cormael, they lived in the Scottish Lanarkshire. I don’t do coincidences, one day I searched Google for the name Cormael, and that is how I found out. It amazed me to say the least, I have this strange connection with Scotland … each time I see the Scottish scenery my emotions get the best of me. Now years after I understand the how-so and why-so. || Source of map and table Ancestry.com ||

Because one day back in 2008 Michael told me:

‘We Came From Far Beyond The Stars Ever Imaginable And We Landed In Scotland …’

And in 2009 he took it a bit further: Everything is Energy (written in 2011)

And here in short how it all came about and together

The Cormael Story


It Is Written In The Stars