The Cosmos is without any doubt the most powerful Being that exists. It gives birth to the Multiverse and everything in it, Planets, Clusters, Solar Systems and even the tiniest blade of grass on Mother Earth and it all seems to be pulled from the Nothingness and that is probably the Truth out of Nothing because out of Nothing comes Everything. And this can, beyond any reasonable doubt, be scientifically proven but we believe in the beauty and the feeling of wonder, with every respect possible for all the hard-working scientists out there.

The Cosmos also gives birth to Us in a joint venture with the Supreme Alpha and Omega, The Cosmos makes humanity possible and the Supreme Cosmic Couple our souls. The Omni-awareness pushes reflections from Itself outward, This Supreme Couple gives birth to a lot of children, but these children aren’t aware until they descend to the octaves of Form. These children are androgynous Beings, simplified equally masculine and feminine. At one point they choose the station from which they want to operate. Operate in this sense; manifesting themselves in all sorts of forms in several dimensions, timelines and solar systems, to start the path and walk back and find its Source through the process of Enlightenment or by raising the awareness.

Some of us choose the Ultimate School of Duality on Mother Earth, others simply don’t. There are a lot of other realities and timelines to expand our awareness. It doesn’t matter where you chose to be taught, the Ultimate Goal is to find your way back to Unity. On Earth it is a simple given we came from Unity to the 3D Duality and we need to find our way back to that Unity, the Union of the Alpha and Omega Aspect within ourselves and reflect that Unity outward.

Let’s keep it tangible and talk about the Mother Earth 3D learn-curve. The moment you set foot on the Planet the dividing and splitting start. Which is pure logic because you can’t learn the lessons with someone who is your counterpart, who is the same as you. This big mass of androgynous souls divides into two’s each time and time again until everyone is split, that splitting isn’t painful because you don’t have any emotions, yet! Until each androgynous being needs to split. You have been whole for so long and all of a sudden you are not One again but Two, and as soon as the split is a fact you want back to that wholeness again. That feeling is what you take with you, the yearning for that wholeness, life after life after life.

Thus these two are One Masculine and One Feminine Aspect, who leave a mark on each other, a little part of the one will be imprinted in the other and vice versa. The reason for this is cognition and recognition, so you will be able to feed and feel each other through intuition and telepathic thought transference and to sense each other’s energies even though you are miles apart on the Planet or even in different dimensions. Eventually, you become to understand after several lifetimes that there is always someone walking with you, even though you are not aware of who he or she is.

These cosmic counterparts need to split for yet another reason, to meet up with other people, when you chose to raise your awareness on Mother Earth you chose directly to be part of the evolution process of humanity and the Planet and you will have all kinds of relationships, as a male and a female, hetero, gay and bi and your natural clock will cause your yearning to mate and you will have children, because you will give other souls the same chance as you got … to descend to Earth’s Density to raise one’s awareness. On the Earth plane, you will be with a whole lot of people in a lot of lifetimes, in the Celestial Spheres you will and can be with only One, the one that complements you and merges with you back into that Primal Androgynous Form. As Above, So Below.

After several incarnation cycles, you will eventually meet up with the people you knew before because karma is kicking in and lessons need to be learned and only unconditional love sustains and lessons will be presented. These ‘people’ are the same consciousness sparkles with whom you descended into the Earth Density in the first place. It has to be said that besides the magnetism of the two Divine Complements, there is also magnetism in that group and eventual you will meet up with kindred spirits again, and with each life there will be more of them crossing your path, people you look in the eye and whom you ask ‘Did we meet before, you look so familiar?’

Don’t be mistaken though, because these people cross your path to mirror, show you, ever dark deed and thought you ever had, that’s when the transformation will kick in piece by piece, part after part, first slowly until you get the hang of it and before you know it you seem to have landed in a roller-coaster of feelings and emotions,  your scars will be torn open again and you feel the same hurt all over again. The intensity will be overwhelming at times. Don’t worry, no pain no gain. You signed up for this so you might as well pull yourself through. It’s for a good cause, just remember that. You need that transparency, there can be no merging with your cosmic counterpart with shadowy parts still clinging to you. The connection is of a purity that simply doesn’t accept any unsolved issues like ego behaviour for example.

This all serves the purpose of finding your way through Duality back to Unity again. Once you are transparent you become a trailblazer. Uncovering everything that isn’t pure in society as well as in people’s personal lives. There is just this one ‘demand’ an unconditional pure love flow, for yourself and all others. Feeling the need to assist everyone to raise their awareness. People will be sent to you for your help. Eventually, your cosmic counterpart will be magnetized and attracted by/to you and vice versa.

There will be a meeting of a lot of people who will assist you in raising your awareness, but at the same time, you return the favour. And sometimes you meet people to only help raise their awareness for them to move on again. Other times you will land on someone’s life path and this person presents you with a big portion of awareness and is it time for you to move on. It’s a constant work in progress, to work with and for each other. This doesn’t have anything to do with soul mates or soul groups and that sort of templates, it is a collective soul work.

It is the Law of Attraction that plays the biggest part in this. Everyone who crosses your life path reflects a part of you or what you want to become, maybe something the other has already mastered but that is still dormant in you, by reflecting their ability they awaken that same ability in you. Most of the time it is all about recognition, you recognize yourself in the other person, which doesn’t have anything to do with being soul-mates or something alike, but a matter of resonance/frequency. You recognize the other’s frequency because yours is the same.

The Big Awakening though will only happen when your Cosmic Counterpart crosses your path and everything you knew before will be magnified or be trampled underfoot. When you United the Alpha and Omega in yourself and you are whole on your own, the one who complements you will be drawn to you and you to them. You can’t avoid it but at the same, there is nothing you can do to accelerate it. What happens then? Your chakras will be aligned and sped up to the highest frequency.

This is what we name The Cosmic Click, it’s like a safe that opens; you already ‘collected the Keys To The Kingdom’ through the chakra cleansing you did to balance it all, and this 7 digit code will fully open your Tube of Light and the Cosmic Energy enters with full force to blaze through your Chakra’s. Before you assisted those who crossed your path, now the time has come to assist not only humanity but the Earth as well and you become an Earth Keeper and a World Bridger.

First and foremost your solar plexus (the seat of the soul) will be fully activated and you start to feel everything that happens, visible and invisible, with that inner satellite. When this chakra spins to the best of its abilities it turns a 180º taking an upward position connecting with the heart chakra. Before it was positioned downward connected with the Sacral-Chakra (where you feel the butterflies when you are in love).

Next is the activation of your God-Consciousness-Chakra, which is situated in/on your sternum which will be directly linked with your Solar Plexus and the Cosmos. When this all is linked another link comes into existence: the link between your God-Consciousness-Chakra and that of your Cosmic Counterpart and that exact area starts to warm up, lit up, beam and pulsate. Your Heartbeat takes on the rhythm of the Heartbeat of The Cosmos.

When this skylight opens all sorts of insights will enter your reality, that you could have never dreamed of ever knowing and you will see the path and the task ahead of you and there will be peace. Silence and Peace. Inside you and all around you.

And this is Bliss!

To close this transmission, one last thing: There will be times during this transfiguration that you feel desperate, lonely and most misunderstood. Don’t worry because becoming transparent doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time and effort, just know that this all happens for the best of reasons, reclaiming your birthright to be the shining light that you were meant to be. Just keep the faith and your eye on the prize, it will not be easy but in the end so worth it.

In the purest, highest, all-encompassing, unconditional Love we remain.

As spoken through, to and with she who is the essence of me.


2018 29/03