Michael told me already last year and I figured it out on my own 8 years ago that something ‘special’ was going on between Michael, Harry and I. I knew he was from my soul-family from the get go, with all due respect to Des and Anne for being his biological parents no matter what. Being someone’s cosmic parents is for something completely different. It is understandable that this may be a bit too much, just try to skip that cosmic parenthood from your mind then and see it as a close connection, because that my friends it is. Before getting there you might take a look at this:

Sweet Cheeks and Baby Cakes 1Sweet Cheeks and Baby Cakes 2 • Totally GobsmackedThe Lunar Nodes

Once you become to understand that these guys were and are not just celebrities, but common people with a special gift, that we all have, you become to understand that it isn’t all that far fetched as you might think it is. Souls are connected to each other and sometimes we are talking just about soulmates whom you can see in daily life as good friends, but there you have relatives too and it doesn’t make any difference, human or just soul, or both still, this exists and let’s be honest, it enriches our existence to the max, to know who REALLY belongs to us. 

Michael 533
Harry 533

The moment my eyes met Harry for the first time, it didn’t even occur to me him being just as much Michael’s soul-family as him being mine. That is frankly mainly because it was a matter of fact, no inch in my body doubted that first initial feeling, I don’t know how or in what way but you are soul-family of mine, you belong with me. Never thought about it any deeper, it didn’t even cross my mind to meditate on it or dig into it, there was simply  no need 8 years ago, that’s how sure I am that Harry belongs with us soul-wise. I followed him through the X-factor on the internet and saw him and his band-mates ending 3rd, ‘waved’  him goodbye and wished him a good life. That’s when I tuned out and our paths crossed again 7 years after, in the meantime he had been busy becoming bigger than the Beatles with his band-mates and gathered millions of fans in the process, but I had absolutely no clue whatsoever about his music nor about his life and where he had been in these 7 years. It’s better to ask where he hadn’t been, because he had been all over the place all over the world. 

Him reentering my life so to speak made me look into him, because I was super curious how he had been as well, not only what he had achieved. Well I better not had done that to begin with because the first thing I entered was a massive amount of heart-ache, and I cried for him, for his pain and the suffering he had to endure. I spoke about all that in an earlier writing Sweet Cheeks and Baby Cakes, linked above, so I will not get into that again. The first thing that happened when I googled his name was discovering that he and I share the same birth date February 1, that made me smile but to some extent it doesn’t mean a thing because there are a couple of million people born on February 1st, it was just that in combination with Michael’s knowledge about our soul-connection that this occurred to me as specific enough to mean something.  

Thus I decided to calculate the Tzolkin numbers and see what came up … well surprise surprise, a White Wizard, just like Michael and I. PLUS he shares with Michael, although different birth dates, the same Tzolkin Destiny Seals. Harry and I share the day of birth, both born on a Tuesday, our birth date February 1 and 4 of the 5 Destiny Seals, I have the White World Bridger as my guide, which is normal otherwise I never could have done the work I came to do in this world, which is bridging the worlds behind the veil and the 3-D world. Where Michael and Harry are guided by the White Dog, which means that they need to stay true to their own heart and their own truth and path. And about that, so far, so good. 

I understand that this information may seem far fetched but it is almost simpler than the Western and Eastern Astrology. I can write several pages on what you see in this schematic, but that is of no use. Only one thing in double measure; You can see that my Harmonic is the Solar Output which spurs me to Express intelligence of intention. When you then focus on Harry’s description you see that he is tuned in the Solar Tone expressing the intelligence of intention. His Harmonic is the spectral output which is Michael and I combined in the 11 Star or entirely the Yellow Spectral Star, Expressing the Intelligence of Liberation. The darling boy is a born gay and he is all into the rights of the LGTB (Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Bi-sexual) Community, plus his coming out, which he already did, but people still don’t get him, he simply doesn’t want to be labeled and boxed stating, ‘my sexuality is of no one’s concern or business and is totally not important.’

Michael has a Rhythmic Output Harmonic, expressing intelligence of equality which he shares with Harry’s Cosmic Counterpart, who is also on Earth but whose name will not be named. Both form an Alpha and Omega Unit coming to existence of the merging of Michael and I. We 4 are also born with the same zodiac sign: Aquarius. Like this I can go on and on about numbers and combinations and what it all reveals about Destiny, Karma and whatnot. 

The Metro Men

Description: Metrosexual is a portmanteau of metropolitan and sexual, coined in 1994 describing a man (especially one living in an urban, post-industrial, capitalist culture) who is especially meticulous about his grooming and appearance, typically spending a significant amount of time and money on shopping as part of this. While the term suggests that a metro-sexual is heterosexual, it can also refer to gay or bisexual men.

And here they are two brutally handsome men having the means and the taste to wear designer suits of the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier, Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein and Guccio Gucci. And although men are particularly looking more distinguished in a suit, some men literally rock a suit, well these two men do! And not only that …

I mean look at that, I nearly peed myself when I saw Harry appearing in an almost copy of the checker suit Michael wore back in the days, I thought ‘Seriously son? You gotta be kidding me?’ Besides this they both wear their hair short and long, wear multiple rings on one hand, at least Michael did too when he was younger. And it is not that they are a spitting image of each other, but the connection is undeniable. 

The most eerie similarities are these guys’ handwriting, I mean a handwriting is a pretty much very personal thing right? There is no handwriting alike in the whole world (without forgery of course) but both Michael and Harry write in capitals and some letters are freaking identical. Say what? Come again?! 

The Spinner Band Ring

Cosmic DNA doesn’t and can’t lie of course, just as on Earth  DNA tells all the tales. Those who are your cosmic children have specific similarities, either way they even look alike, like Michael and Harry and Harry’s cosmic sweetheart and me, but there is most obvious the case of having specifically the same taste in things. I for example share my taste in music with both Harry and his ‘double.’ Harry had me totally speechless though when I became aware of his hands and the rings he wears. At first I thought my eyes were fooling me wherefore I decided to google his hands, and believe me I got a very silly feeling doing that, but I just had to see for sure. In 2007 I bought myself a spinner band ring, it has Michael’s nickname Hutch engraved on the inside, and I thought I saw Harry wearing the same ring! That I had to find out and guess what? We wear the exact same ring! What are the chances really that this happens, let alone against the odds of time and space, differing 28 years in age and living in different countries. So you see how you get attracted to similar things without even knowing each other.

Some people ask me when I am planning to see Harry and eyes in a state of flabbergast meet mine when I say “I don’t!” You see I will never from my own free will ‘interfere’ in his Earthly life. I am totally convinced that if we had planned to meet up in this lifetime, we would have lived closer to each other and I would be around, since this is not the case it tells me that we didn’t plan to team up in the flesh so to speak. Don’t get me wrong here if the Cosmos plans for us to meet once I will not go against that of course, but I will not bend over backward to meet him, because that feels wrong, and hey I could have if I wanted to, he was in Holland twice both times in Amsterdam, one time in Paradiso, and I know people there, so that would have been quite easy, if only it didn’t feel wrong, I could have and I would have but didn’t and don’t.

Royal Blue

After the ‘Aqua Blue’  episode, we kept signaling a bit about suits and each time I could check of course if ‘what he said,’ or better put ‘what I received’ was actually true. One evening he had ‘said’ “it will be pink” and when I saw him on stage later he was wearing a pink jacket, It is so important to take the words without interpretation, don’t think ‘it could mean this or that or such and so’ because guessing troubles the communication lines. He had me troubled nonetheless because in another conversation he closed with “Wait till you see the Royal Blue one …” So he had me curious only I never saw him in anything that came close to Royal Blue. It worried me because I thought our communication had gone sour, or maybe I misunderstood or interpreted foolish enough, I always doubt myself first when stuff like that happens. It took two months for him showing up in Royal Blue but when he did, he did majestically, that suit is really something else. If you want to check for yourself google Harry Styles Nashville TN June 12, because there are way better pictures of that show. I chose this one though for the intensity in his eyes and the blue green spot-light in the back. 💚💙 will always stand for Louis and him. And Louis is there every night either way he is sitting in the VIP room or Harry honours their relationship in the song If I Could Fly, precious moments of pure LOVE. 

Harry Nashville 2018 EXTRAA

To close this writing I feel the need to clear something about Cosmic Children. We are, because of us being in 3D, always talking about sons and daughters when we are talking about kids. From the Cosmic viewpoint though we never talk in genders, we talk about Cosmic Children in general, so I can’t say about Harry that he is our Cosmic SON only he is our Cosmic CHILD, neither can I say about his Cosmic Counterpart that she is our Cosmic Daughter but only that she is our Cosmic CHILD. Feel the difference please, because that is very important.

© Cormael 2018 14/06