Totally Gobsmacked

Last week I had a very interesting conversation with a friend about Cosmic Siblings, she asked if I was aware of it, and yes of course I am, Michael and I did a transmission about that subject 4 years ago. It is a pretty controversial subject I am totally aware, nonetheless in my (and some other’s) world a matter-of-fact given. Of course I wasn’t able to ever prove it,  until now. I am so high on adrenaline I can’t barely write without typos, but I will tell you what happened in my world today!

Michael told me about Harry in 2017 already but I am not sharing everything in the open so I kept that for myself and shared it only with two of my soul-sisters. One is a psychic and gave me insights in things I never could have imagined possible and the other is so in tune with us, that I simply had to ask her thoughts about it, since she is a renowned psycho-therapist. Because I had to share it with someone for you probably have no idea how freaked out I felt when Michael told me “He is ours, you know that right?” Of course I didn’t, I felt a connection there so I know he is one of my soul-family, but this was utterly insane. But then again, Michael is always proven to be right after all, it can take a year or years … confirmation will come!

So back to the conversation I had about Cosmic Siblings with the friend I mentioned. I know she is in contact with her star children, as she calls them, and she said to me, “You have to do that too. If we will ever establish manifestation on Earth we have to reunite in one way or another.” So I promised her and thought if you can do it and Harry is for real I have to be able to contact him. Didn’t  react on it immediately though, but this morning  8:30 one thing crossed my mind clearly, ‘Harry is in my timezone now, for he will be in Birmingham this evening.’ Thus I went for it …

I laid down and first asked for permission, that is matter of respect!

“Can I have a permission granted to contact Harry Styles telepathically/psychically? Not to invade his privacy or for any personal information, just to connect and talk spirituality. If so can you give an image of Harry as in the NOW, an image I can’t come up with myself?”

So I sighed deeply and totally emptied my mind to see what image or symbol would come through.

And then I saw him sleeping with his right arm above the sheets on the pillow next to his head and his face turned to the left, he was sleeping on his belly.

As friendly as he is in day-consciousness the more brusque he is in his sub-consciousness. No just kidding he had to adjust to the situation of someone talking to him in his sleep.

C: “Hi Harry, it’s me Cornelia,”
H: “What do you want.”
C: “I don’t want anything from you?”
H: “What do you need?”
C: “I don’t need anything from you.”
H: “Then what?”
C: “Can we talk spirituality?”
H: “Okay.”
C: “Are you aware of the phenomenon named soul-mates?”
H: “I suppose so, why?”
C: “Are you aware of the possibility of Louis being your soul-mate?”
H: “Yes.”
C: “Can you wrap your head around the fact that besides having Earthly siblings, you also have Cosmic Siblings?”
H: “I don’t know, why?”
C: “You have a Cosmic Father and a Cosmic Mother where you came from as a soul, from their Union you were born.”
H: “Okay, go on.”
C: “What I am about to tell you can be mind-boggling but try to be open to it.”
H: “I am open, tell me.”
C: “Your Cosmic Father is the one who while being alive was Michael Hutchence, the front-man of the late INXS.”
H: “Lost for words.”
C: “Can you do yourself, and me, a favour and search for him on Google and look for the similarities between the two of you please?”

Then the conversation ended. Not bad for a first time channeling a living being. I asked for a confirmation in my day-conscious time, as a sign that this was all real and they showed me an aqua blue cylinder with the message “He will wear something in this colour soon.”

So that is what I call co-working with the Universe, they promised me a confirmation! I would wait and see. Later this evening after just publishing an article. I went to Twitter at 22:55 to share this with that same friend I had the Cosmic Sibling conversation with. I opened Twitter and right in front of me ‘Wham’ Harry in an aqua blue suit!!!! I was speechless and totally gobsmacked!

Here is some prove that this all went in the timeline I told you:

We had the talk around 8:30 a.m. Around 5:00 p.m I wrote it down in a note and told one of my soul-sisters about it (the psychotherapist). Around 11:00 p.m. I published an article and went to Twitter to share it with the earlier-conversation-friend and at that time I see him wearing the aqua-blue suit. I race to the messenger and tell my psychotherapist friend and after talking a bit she says around 11:30 p.m. that she was really happy that I told her about it before ‘the suit‘ showed up on Twitter.

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For some reason it didn’t exactly feel right that people who visit my website are able to read this and Harry being totally unaware of it, so I decided to send him the link to the article. Today (I send him the link yesterday in the early a.m.) I see to my astonishment a visitor who accessed my website by mobile around and about Birmingham, (And where was Harry again? Right he was in Birmingham, the whole fandom knew where he was!) who visited this article and went for The Cormael Couple, and the rest you can see below … when this kind of ‘evidence’ lands in your lap you can’t help but think … Should he? And if he did I would be so proud of him for his bravery, because this kind of stuff doesn’t cross your path on daily basis, to put it mildly.

Some Clarification

How did I come up with these details? Well four years ago I decided to install some plug-ins to prevent an American woman to read on my website, because she was digitally stalking me. When I open the background of my website I see a small preview of the last visitors. That’s how I saw the mobile visitor from the UK, which grabbed my attention immediately of course. So I decided to see where in the UK this person was. I can access that map by clicking the little grey icon in between the flag and the IP-address, which I blurred (and longitude, latitude, hostname and postal code) for obvious reasons, because whatever happens I will ALWAYS protect him and his privacy! Given the information the mobile-phone clicked on, with what’s in the coverage about the communication and ‘the suit,’ I already knew it had to be Harry, but I can’t say for certain he was of course, for that I need a confirmation from him!