A Fictional Tale of Two Unrelated ‘Brothers’

Over the years I came across a website named The Scale of Justice a couple of times, when I searched for something else and the website popped up in the search results, I visited the site years ago and left one comment. Last week I came across a book in the same kind of way and thought about that specific website again. See for yourself and read the reactions of people who actually knew the men these women are actually talking about in their books and on their website: Jim Morrison and Michael Hutchence. Keep in mind BOTH books are works of FICTION!


A Tale of Two Brothers: Jim Morrison & Michael Hutchence
by Jacqueline Murray

Rock legends Jim Morrison of “The Doors” and Michael Hutchence of “INXS” have given a psychic medium riveting accounts of their controversial deaths and the many myths that surrounded their lives as only they can tell them. Internationally known psychic Kathleen Tucci recounts Jim Morrison’s final hours on earth and reveal the whereabouts of Pamela Courson while Jim lay dying. Famous radio psychic Francine Milano channels and offers psychic information. Famous L.A. psychics Linda Salvin and Judy Hevenly have verified the channeling in this book.
International Psychic-medium Marjorie Augustine reveals the dark side of Jim Morrison. In his channeling to Marjorie, Jim bares his soul to reveal some of his behaviors that are both shocking and regretful. The elaborate cover-up of his death is explored in depth as well as the true identity of his cosmic mate. Jim Morrison discusses his conviction in Miami, the police brutality he experienced behind closed doors in New Haven and Las Vegas and why he actually fled the United States for Paris in 1971.
Michael Hutchence reveals the facts surrounding what really happened in Room 524 at the Ritz Carlton, in Double Bay, Australia on November 22nd, 1997. Michael details how he really died and why there was no note left behind. Internationally known psychic Christopher Reburn is the chosen channel for Paula Yates, Michael’s last love and Mother of his child. Paula sends messages to her loved ones and reveals her true feelings for Michael Hutchence and her former husband, Sir Bob Geldof. Michael gives his jaw dropping thoughts on his so-called brothers in INXS and the autobiography they wrote after his death. Preview

This is hysterical.

As someone who knew Michael and his family – his brother Rhett is one of my best friends – I find this utterly ludicrous. And an insult to the memory of a great man. This sounds exactly like some of the crazy fan mail Michael used to get.  So much so that it is scary. Rhett used to collect tons of Michael’s fan mail from the MMA office (because there was so much, it usually just went straight to the bin) and we used to read these letters out loud in fits of hysterics, and all too often, shock, horror and utter amazement.
There was one insane American woman who used to send a giant envelope to Michael’s management every single day – filled with the most demented ravings you could ever imagine. She would go on and on about how he was communicating with her through song lyrics and videos and how she was saving herself for him – and then one day she actually showed up in Sydney after somehow managing to track down Rhett. The most terrifying part is that this woman was definitely nothing like the way she described herself – and was so disconnected from reality that she actually believed the fantasies she constructed. This one woman seemed to think that if she could somehow stalk Michael and get his attention, then he would magically ignore the fact that she was about ten years older than he was, not even remotely attractive and the size of a hippo. It was terrifying to witness such extreme delusional behaviour.
Reading the rubbish on this page was a very disturbing experience for me – it brought back some very unpleasant memories of a close encounter with total insanity. The insanity of the demented fan lost in a fantasy world, not actually caring at all about the object of her fantasies as a person or an individual, except as the reflection of her own obsession. Michael Hutchence was a truly humble, friendly, down-to-earth, considerate and intelligent man, and he would never have said any of the nonsense you have claimed, or talked about people he cared about in those terms.
I can only wonder about the motives of people who do this sort of thing. It seems like a sordid attempt at self-aggrandizement, at the expense of people who are no longer around to speak for themselves, and about whom you only know whatever you have read or seen.

Rowan Walters

Turn the Page: The Lost Letters of Jim Morrison
by Victoria Williams

A gripping chronicle regarding the involvement of a mysterious French count in the greatest mystery in Rock ‘n’ Roll history – how did Jim Morrison actually die?

‘Last Words, Last Words – Out.’ These were the final words written by rock icon Jim Morrison, less than 24 hours before he took his final breath in Paris. For the first time ever, we learn those words were written for Morrison’s murderer.

The chilling letters detail the events leading up to his death, the names of those plotting against him, and the major changes he intended to make in his life.

Turn The Page provides a graphic, disturbing look at a life cut too short; with newly found insights offered from the “Lizard King” himself.

For the first time ever, Jim Morrison reveals his true plans in Paris; and whether or not he was going to return to The Doors. Learn his true feelings for Pamela Courson, and other significant people in his life.



The Nerve!

Read the first few pages of this book and I could no longer keep reading. I knew Jim when I lived in southern California in the late 60’s. First of all, Jim would never speak or use his words in such a crude, tasteless and ill-mannered way. Secondly, Jim would never slam Pam like that. What he had with Pam was between the two of them and it was no one’s business. He kept his feelings to himself concerning his relationship with her.

I don’t know who Victoria Williams is but she has trashed a good and intelligent man who died much too soon. If Miss Williams had actually channeled Jim from the next side, you would have seen an articulate, well mannered and interesting read. I don’t know who she is or what she has against Jim. She makes herself look silly writing such a fabricated and fictitious tale.

Summer (alias for undisclosed author)

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Personal Opinion and What I matter-of-factly know to be true.

First of all I am in no way entitled to talk bad about these women, because I claim transmitting Michael as well, right? I advise you to search these books and read some excerpts from it and you will see and or feel the difference pretty soon. There is one difference between these women and me, they have the back up from other ‘psychics,’ I have the back up from people who actually knew my Cosmic Man in the flesh! Between some others there are his sister and two of his best friends! 

The Turn The Page book about Jim Morrison is a total publicity stunt if you ask me, because when you search for that author on the internet she advertises readings on her website for $200.00 dollars per half an hour! Jacqueline Murray is on the other hand untraceable which is weird for an author. I am plastered all over the internet!

Which gives me the feeling these are the same people, first in 2009 the book Conversations With Jim Morrison and Other Rock Legends (Murray) was published but didn’t probably do well enough and two years practically at the same time Turn the Page and Tale of Two Brothers were launched … it may be me but it feels weird. 

I honestly hope these women (and their motley crew of ‘famous’ and ‘internationally known’ psychics) do for a fact believe what they publish and simply don’t know any better, because they are deceiving  their readers. (Always trying to see the best in people!)

My points are:

  1. All these people know each other and refer to each other in these two books. Which is peculiar. I refer to no one, I am purely talking about what I get from Michael himself. I truly think these two books are written by one group of people. 
  2. They work with facts that are easy to find on the internet and spin a story around it. Facts that I already found in 2007 so they could have dug that up too in 2011. The coroner’s report already stated suicide, but they were never ‘told’ what exactly happened! 
  3. I don’t and will NEVER claim to be the only one who is in contact with Michael and have the solely right to transmit his messages.
  4. They bad mouth the dear and dearest who were of great importance to these two men, something I will NEVER do! First because it is none of my bizniz and second because Michael is already detached from everything earthly. He never talks about his last life unless I ask him about it. Michael is in the NOW and not in his personal ‘past’ either in the ‘future’ in his expressions. Second I will NEVER make money by using Michael’s name. I can very easily write a book about him from what I know, which is pretty much a lot!
  5. And so many more … ‘facts’ that you find in their books and what you read on their websites are contradictive. Which shows that they made up a story based on what they found on the internet. If you come up with facts that are NOT on the internet that I know to be true, which occurs with other people I know who are in contact with Michael, than you are genuine and not the guesswork they demonstrate.
  6. No one who actually knew Michael has their backs, I do, I have the words of his sister on my website and that is just one example.
  7. The celestial spheres are all about LOVE and what these women show isn’t everything but love.
  8. When you check the website of the ‘Turn the page’ author, you will see her publish some words of Jim Morrison, she is in her book also all about Michael but doesn’t dare to publish the ‘messages’ she got from him, plus she is claiming to transmit other celebrities. Both ‘writers’ claim to be also connected to Heath Ledger and Kurt Cobain and state Michael was very close to Heath Ledger which he in fact never was, he didn’t even know the man. A lot of discrepancies based on literally nothing! Plus the subtitle of the book is ‘cleverly’ related to a book about Jim Morrison that is named ‘Wilderness – The Lost Writings of Jim Morrison.’ (1989)
  9. They sketch Michael as a love drunk, drooling over Jimbo’s Cosmic Woman, someone they name ‘Rebecca.’ Will Rebecca please step forward? She can’t, because she is the personification of the writer of the book! She never claims it but on the other hand tells often enough how crazy the late Jim Morrison is about her. Jim’s Cosmic Woman is a Rebecca but she is not walking on two legs. (Check his lost writings in the book Wilderness). And last, Michael will never drool, in fact spirits in general don’t drool! You see how much they are thinking like a human having no insight in the real spirit world!
  10. Most important, Michael isn’t in any way related to Jim Morrison (to Mick Jagger either), I for a fact know that Jim Morrison is already reincarnated and is still on Earth today! And yes in fact I do know him personally.

Listen to his music below and see the pictures above, I will not disclose his name, so don’t bother asking!

Five years ago a young man contacted me with the hope I was able to understand where he was talking about, but he didn’t even have to ask me anything because I heard Michael say ‘Mr. Mojo Rising’ and asked him straight away.  “Are you Jim Morrison incarnated?” The guy was stunned! How did I know? I told him the God-honest truth, ‘because Michael told me’ and he asked “who is Michael?” and I showed him pictures of Michael, and the guy asked “Who is he?” (Loved that!) And I said “In his last lifetime the front-man of INXS.” Being born in 1993 he had no clue! Then he told me he knew from a young age on about him having been Jim, thus one of the people who was born aware like other kids who have flash-backs from previous existences.

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