Here we are, pictures through the years

Some renowned ‘Twin Flame Teachers’ claim that it isn’t important if you look alike or not. The most ‘famous’ Twin Flame Couple, Jeane Cline and Jim Reeves, are certain about the fact that you have to look alike, which is normal and to be seen in and read from the blueprint you both share. And not only the features are alike but character and taste-wise the couple can find themselves in each other. It is not that you are or have to be a spitting image of each other because after all you are no biological identical twins, you don’t share the biological DNA. Nonetheless the soul shines through and you share one blueprint which makes Twin Flames look alike PLUS when merging starts the features will become even more alike. In fact you start to become One Being so there will be a blend of the once two existing bodies. Not to be mistaken though, you can’t merge when both members of the couple are still embodied or incarnated. This can only happen when the one is incarnated and the other discarnated, or when you are both discarnated. One of you has to be in the other realms, name it heaven, I name it celestial dimensional spheres. That is how and why I know that a lot of people (most of them) who claim to be with their Twin Flame are living an illusion, especially when they are still both walking the planet. Nonetheless there are several explanations why this is such a hype and why everyone thinks to have found their Twin Flame, but that is a subject we already mentioned before. The Twin Flame Phantom.

and this is me growing older without Michael on the planet to compare looks