real life

This is a coverage of transformation and transmutation. The Road that leads to the reunion with your Cosmic Counterpart/Essential Twin isn’t one that is covered with roses.  There are a lot of thorns you step into willingly because you know to which it leads … on a sub-conscious level. Because I had honestly no idea what I was doing, I only reckoned what happened and knew it was for a good reason. Don’t worry and don’t be horrified because there is this one cliche ‘You will never get more served on your platter than you can actually carry’ … and that is true!

A Real life Twin Soul/Twin Flame Coverage. This is better than  Shakespeare, this is real.

Where we met and what for. Rebirth/Reincarnation is real and can be proven. Dig this! 

What led to Michael’s death and why it all happened the way it happened.

Levensechte Tweelingziel/Tweelingvlam Ervaringen. Dit is beter dan Shakespeare. Dit is echt!