Welcome at Cormael’s Cosmic Channel. Who is Cormael? Well in fact Cormael is a couple going by the same soul name, to keep it simple let’s say we have Cormael He and Cormael She. Cormael is US as a soul-being, as ONE. Cosmic Partners or Twin Rays if you wish, most people only know the Twin Flame/Twin Soul terminology. Only He is very persistent in saying ‘I AM he who is the essence of she.’ We are essential the same, our cosmic blue-print is the same, the start of our existence was at the exact same time. Where She goes, He goes. Where He goes, She goes. We ARE just another Alpha and Omega Couple, one of the many.

She IS Dutch, born in 1966. He WAS Australian, born in 1960. She is an Earth-Being. He is a Celestial-Being, soon to be an Ascended Light-Master and she his Lady-Master. He showed himself to her in a couple of visions, the last time was in the year he was about to transit to the Celestial Spheres, 1997. Ten years later they finally met, 2007. After several steps in their merging process he asked her if she would like to channel him. So it happened that he started to talk to her and through her. Every transmission he ends with the words ‘As spoken through she who is the essence of me. Michael – The Master Poet.’

Furthermore is this website our story and then some. If you have any questions about the Twin Flame/Twin Soul Phenomenon, we will do our utmost best to answer all your questions conform our personal experiences. Real Life experience, not by hear-say or book-knowledge.

May all your days be filled with Light, Love and Laughter.


Cornelia & Michael

For the website in Dutch/Nederlands : www.cormael.nl